I Told You…

You didn’t believe me did you? I abandoned the blog. I’ve thought about it, wanted to write things, but alas I am lazy and there’s been a lot going on!

I started a business! Yard Cardz Huntsville, visit our FB page here. The website is coming eventually. Go like the page, contact me to schedule a rental! We can do almost anything. Love to celebrate, celebrate BIG, and I want to help you do the same.

I’m also working more with Jala Jala Foods. Wait, you don’t know them? Go to their website here or their FB here! If you like a little spicy or jalapenos these are the products for you. Seriously, the best salsa I’ve ever had!

Also, I’ve got a lot of health stuff going on. One day, when i’m further along in all this, I’ll go way more in detail. In July, I was diagnosed with PCOS, Polycycstic Ovary Syndrome. Google it. The side effects of the medicine to correct what’s going on are pretty terrible. I mean it could be worse but i’ll spare you from the details for now.

I’ve been thinking of my childhood a lot lately. Went to visit my parents about a month ago and my mom gave me a bunch of photos. We had a great childhood. or if we didn’t, we thought it was great. So many great memories and so many that should probably put us all in therapy! LOL Then some grade school friends have been posting photos from when we were in 5th grade or high school. The memories have really been coming back.

I really want to share some stories, but I hate to upset my parents, they aren’t bad in my opinion. I also, want to share some of my grandmother, but those might be best left for when she passes, if she ever does. The last time I shared a story of my mom she didn’t talk to me for weeks. I was in high school. Now mom has an ipad and I fear she may find my blog. Love you mom!

I will share this because I posted it on my FB today. Driving home I noticed the fire department has a sign out front saying to practice fire drills. So I asked mt FB friends if they do/have practiced them with their kids. Not to call them out or make them feel bad but because my parents did. I look back now and laugh. My mom was very concerned with safety, survival skills, and our education. We discussed Stop, Drop, and Roll at length, practiced where to go and what to do if there was a fire. And there were the middle of the night fire drills. I am pretty sure we always failed them because who can function when woken from a deep sleep. We also had these late night fire drills when friends were spending the night. They learned how to exit our house during a fire too. Learning was not just for us kids.

It’s a wonder they ever can back or talked to us again. No telling what they told their other friends when they spent the night. It makes me smile to think of these things. And my plans to do this to my nonexistent children. Maybe I should practice with the dogs or just K. You know for fun!!

Maybe I’ll post again in a few months!


Tassels, and Pompoms, oh my!

Tassels are in folks! Are you excited?!?! OK, that’s fine, I wasn’t either. Tassels have been in for a while in moderation. But now bold bright colors, lots of tassels everywhere. Also, Pompoms are in. Yes, bold bright colors, lots of pompoms everywhere. Not my thing. Not either of these really. Until…

I was shopping at Target, buying $100 worth of crap we don’t need, when I saw these:

My brain went to churning and I couldn’t grab them fast enough. They are in the ‘craft’ aisle of target. If you can call it a craft aisle. There were $5. 9 colors, 2 of each, 18 tassels. That is a deal! There are so many things you can do with these. Add them to a bag. use a jewelry, attach them to a shirt, whatever you can think of. I knew I was going to wear them as earrings. Do you have hoop earrings? I know you do. Watch this:

Bam! earrings. and you can use a mix match of colors for whatever you are wearing. I have plain hoops in 3 sizes so there are tons of options. Wear one tassel, or 4 or all 9. You have just expanded your earring collection by like 100 pairs. I don’t know what the real number is I don’t feel like doing math. Look at all the ways you can style them too.

So, pompoms. I just don’t want you on my clothes or my jewelry I really don’t. sorry. I don’t know if it seems childish or cheap. It is just not for me but if it is for you great! and those mixing pompoms and tassels you are above and beyond. You go girl! There is a sweet lady at the hubs office that has been giving us fresh eggs. I had made a new batch of Lip balm (we will talk about another time, but if you are interested in buying some you can here) so I decided to make her a cute little gift to thank her for all the eggs. Like seriously she has given us a ton of eggs! I took a jar, filled the bottom with pompoms, put in the lip balm and I also make a hand salve. Then I tied a ribbon around the top and it was done. So cute! The pompoms looked great in there and I didn’t have to wear them! Did I take a picture, of course not! Use your imagination.

Are you wearing pompoms or tassels? Show me what you got! I need some new ideas.

Too much TV

Why haven’t I blogged in a while you ask? Ok, you didn’t, but follow me here. I watch too much TV. TV is sooooo good. How do people not watch TV? I need some serious advice. We do not have cable or satellite but we do have Netflix, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, and I have a friend’s Hulu login.  I am doomed! Netflix is like Pinterest, I could get lost for years in the two of those. They are the main reason I don’t get enough stuff done! They are in the top 10 loves of my life. Often, I wonder how I survived without them. Sigh


We finally finished Dexter! And I wish it had never ended. While I wasn’t fond of the ending, it really made me wish for more! This is like a whole new series. Let’s run with it and see where it goes. I need Dexter in my life; I will never be the same again.

After Dexter we tried to watch Trailer Park Boys and we just couldn’t get into it. It came with high recommendations but it’s not for us.


We did start watching Longmore! Which is a high contract from what we usually watch. Lots of murders but more wholesome if that makes any sense. We are really enjoying Longmire. It’s a modern take on westerns.

IN the middle of Longmire, House of Cards came back out. Of course, we dropped everything and began watching it. If you have not seen House of Cards, drop everything and watch it! The plot of this show is compelling. The way it mimics our current political situations is very interesting. You must start from the beginning. To see the way the things evolve and how different the show is now. It’s wonderful. You know in a weird, twisted, political government crushing way.

Orange is the New Black has also come back on and we binged on it. So I may have watched some without the hubs but in all fairness I watched all of the last season without him. Oops! I still am not over last season. In fact, every time I think about it I can feel the tears coming back. If you haven’t seen the show, at least watch the last the last season. This is not a show for the weak of heart or those who have a problem with raunchy scenes. The writers are so in tune with what is happening in the world now and the problems going on. I like the real time situations.

I am still forever watching Supernatural. Right now, I can’t even formulate an opinion. I thought I had 3 seasons left to go and then they drop another season. WHY!!! Every season already has 800 episodes! I’ll never finish it!

Another season of The Ranch is coming out this weekend. I will watch it but it’s not my favorite (see previous Netflix post).


On Hulu, I have watched The Handmaid’s Tale and Harlots. Love them both. But especially love The Handmaid’s Tale because it could so happen. Well, maybe. Harlots is a British drama set in the 18th century about competing whore houses. Scandal, drama, elegance, murder, it has it all. The Handmaid’s Tale is a novel turned into a TV show. New episodes come out on Wednesday’s on Hulu. A Christian Fundamentalist government rules the United States and everything is Bible-inspired. There is a widespread infertility crisis and women who are fertile become handmaid’s against their will. Women have no rights and there is a class system. The main character is Elisabeth Moss from Mad Men. It is so good. Go watch it.


There has been so much good TV that I don’t think I have watched any movies. I did watch a documentary on coal but I am not going to recommend it. It goes against the things I grew up with but more than it does not represent the whole picture. I know everyone says that about things they don’t like. But they focus on a certain segment and don’t tell the other parts of what is going on. Disappointed.

Tell me what you are watching on Netflix. In a couple weeks we will need another show again!

Dollar Tree Sightings

You have those days where things don’t go as planned? Like nothing goes as planned? That was yesterday for me. I went to the Dollar Tree for some Epsom salts. As I loaded up my cart I remembered that my debit card had been compromised the week before and the new one hasn’t come in yet. That’s ok I have my credit card I will pay will. I put my stuff, like 20 items cause who goes into the DT and only gets what they came in there for, on the conveyor and insert my credit card and they don’t accept Amex.  So there I am being THAT person.

I leave and sit in my car like crap. Idea! I’ll go to the ATM and get cash. Nope, need a debit card for that. I don’t feel like going into the bank. OK, I’ll run across the street and buy somethings at Publix and get cash back. So I run into Publix get a few things and as I am putting them on the conveyer I remember you can’t get cash back with a credit card you need a debit card. Crap!

When K got home we went back to DT and I couldn’t remember what I needed. Hah! Figures! I think I did find everything again except the only Epsom salts they had were eucalyptus. I’ll go to another DT and look when I have a debit card again.

So let’s look at some of the things I found while there:

These pink yard flamingos! I bought them about a month ago and we used them for a friend’s birthday. We took a Happy Birthday banner, cut out the letters, glued them on to the flamingos and put them in the yard. They are a dollar! If you were to buy yard flamingos at Big Lots of Target they are like 2 for $20. Now these are a bit smaller but you can buy 20 instead of 2! Totally worth it! These would be great for someone looking for a fundraiser. Flamingo people’s yard for $X. Love it!

Check out the art work they have. There are canvases and framed art work. There is some really cute stuff and all types of different styles. I bought some ‘farm house’ style cow canvases and one framed piece for our command center area. I’ll show a pic when I get it finished, whenever that might be. I have also bought a ton for gifts!

Two things to take from this pic. Glue sticks! So cheap. Also those triangles are paper pennants! How many great uses can you think of for these? Every holiday, birthday party, or event. So many uses! There are 12 in a package for a dollar!

Also, two things in this pic. The pennants here are much bigger and made of felt. You get 2 for a dollar! For repetitive events these will last longer. They had red and blue or purple and green. Your DT may have different colors. The metal storage tins are great. There are two sizes. I make my own healing hand salve and these would be perfect containers. Make sugar lip scrub or any other homemade product. This is a great deal. You can also use them for storage for small things. Sewing kits?

Paper straws have taken over our DT. They also had ones with stars! They were scattered all through the store. All kinds and colors.

These are the hats we used for Kentucky Derby. But there are so many uses for them. You can paint them, or stencil a design on them.

I love these storage bins. They are collapsible and come in 3 colors, at least that I have seen. I used them in my cubicle at work to keep everything organized. You could use them in a closet or in your dresser drawers. There are endless uses.

These wine glasses are so cute. Excuse the hands; I was trying to make them easier to read. They would make great gifts. They say, ‘This girl needs some wine’, ‘wine flies when you’re having fun’ and there was a third but I forgot what it says.

Apparently, DT has been selling this bacon for a long time. I’ve only bought a few food items from DT and never been disappointed. So I thought, heck, if it sucks it’s only a dollar. This morning for breakfast I made it. Now it is no replacement for real bacon, nothing is. But K said for $1 and there are 10 slices, I could eat it. It wasn’t bad. It is bad when it’s burnt. I like burnt bacon. But burnt turkey bacon is no good. I also got some frozen fruit for smoothies but we haven’t tried it yet. Stay tuned…

Those were my worthy finds at DT this week. What have you found or do you always buy at DT??

Easy Peasy

I know I have been MIA. Living my life, working a little, and being a bit lazy.

I did a blog post for Jala Jala Foods last week. It is an easy craft that you can do. This is something a novice crafter can do or the kids. Mix up colors and use for any occasion.


Go check it out here.  Also, check out Jala Jala while you are there. Everything they have is so delicious, I wasn’t paid to say that. You can order online or check out the over 100 locations where you can buy their products. I highly recommend the pepper jellies! Oh and the corn relish! And the bbq sauce, well ok all of it. It’s just good stuff.

I promise I will get back to blogging (fingers crossed)

…And they’re off

Hello all! How was your weekend? Did you watch the KY Derby?Growing up in Kentucky I feel like it is my duty to observe this as a holiday. I’ve never been to The Derby. Impart because I can’t stand to go near Looserville. I guess I shouldn’t hold that against The Derby.

The neighbors invited us over for a Derby party so first things first I needed a hat. A few hours after getting lost on Pinterest I had enough ideas in my head. So I headed where I always do, the Dollar Tree. Now, the Dollar Tree does not have a Derby section like they do luau or ‘Merica or whatever holiday is near. This is the time to get creative.

When you think of The Derby what comes to mind? Horses, roses, big hats, mint juleps, seersucker, betting, and more. Start looking around. In the kids toys I found a ten pack of horses for $1, then on what I call the craft aisle they had fake red roses in bunches, they also have green moss, and near the registers I found hats. Side note: I was there earlier in the week and they had ‘derby hats’ but on this day I couldn’t find them! Apparently, they moved them and I didn’t spend the time looking.

Here is what I bought:

2 packages of horses

A fedora and a cowboy hat

6 bunches of red roses

I did not buy moss because I already had some at home leftover from old projects.

DT is also a great place to but hot glue sticks!

I painted the horses gold! I had gold paint left over from a New Year’s Eve party I helped throw. So that makes it free, right??

image3 (1)

Then, I need to convert the cowboy hat to a Derby hat. I cut up some cardboard from the recycling bin to make a structure inside the hat. This will not make it look so much like a cowboy hat and add some strength to it.

image4 (1)


The tops of the rose bundles pull off nicely and I glued those around the rim of the hat.

image2 (2)Next, and I probably should have done this first, I glued to moss all on the top of the hat. The moss I have is VERY messy. Don’t be like me and do this on top of your computer. There is still moss in my keys. Once the horses had dried, ok maybe they were tacky, I glued them on all over the top.

image1 (1)

My husband’s hat was super easy; I just glued the horses on the ribbon around the hat. We did later add a poppy to it for a splash of color. We were having a hat making party at the neighbors and I cheated and went ahead and made my hat. Seriously though, I didn’t want to make the moss mess in their house. Though they don’t believe me.

And there you go a DT Derby hat. Enjoy some pics from the party!image3


My truth

One of the best things I ever did for myself was quit my job. Ok, I’m not so far removed from it right now so it may turn out to be the worst thing I have ever done but in this moment I feel on top of the world compared to how I felt. There are so many stages of ‘what the fuck’ that I went through before I got to the glory land. The emotional crap that I was going through at work, the stress, the uncertainty, feeling like everything I did might get me fired. You can only walk on pins and needles so long before you step on the one that crushes your soul and I stepped on that one.

One Saturday morning I work up early, went to the bathroom, got back in bed, slept a few more hours. Woke up and stayed in bed. It was 10am, then it was noon, then it was 2pm. My husband was concerned. Neither of us had been sleeping well. The uncertainty with my job had been keeping us up at night. Not sleeping well through the night. But I couldn’t be that tired? And I wasn’t tired; I just couldn’t get out of bed, except to pee. I played on my phone stared at the wall. But I wasn’t getting out of bed, I couldn’t get out of bed. My husband laid down with me for a while put the dogs in the bed. And I laid there. Was I hungry? Nope, not at all.

Then my husband had his breaking point. It was 6pm and I was still in bed. He didn’t understand what was going on and at the time I didn’t really either. I had no desire to get out of bed, or eat, or watch TV, or be around another person, or probably even exist. I was nothing in those hours. I wasn’t suicidal, didn’t want to hurt myself or someone else. I just felt nothing. I had reached a point of depression that there was nothing there. And I couldn’t will anything into a thought of anything, just nothingness everywhere.

My husband begged and pleaded for me to get out of bed. He couldn’t help me and he couldn’t understand that. ‘Just please get out of bed, I’ll make dinner, what do you want? Please get out of bed. Just come sit on the couch with me and watch TV. Please get out of bed.’ So at 7pm I got out of bed and sat on the couch, nothing.  Kelsey brought me dinner. I ate it, nothing. No hunger no desire, nothing. We watched TV, nothing. Went to bed, nothing.

Got up the next day and I did get out of bed but not for me. I got out of bed because I could see what this was doing to my husband and I didn’t want to hurt him. I didn’t want him to worry or cause him anymore stress. There was still no desire, just nothing. I can’t explain totally how I felt or why it hit me when it did. But not being able to get out of bed was the worst for me because I felt like I couldn’t control it. I couldn’t will myself to do anything. I knew it was time to leave my job, on my terms. Stop waiting for them to fire me or see if things get better. I had been in denial for too long.

K and I talked about it at length. I love my coworkers and it is a pretty cool job. But there was so much else that didn’t make any of it worth it. We figured out the math on our income and I put in my notice. Relief should have come over me and set me free but it didn’t. Even a week later I didn’t feel relief. As I started to tell me coworkers that I was leaving, I say shock on their face and then the most wonderful things came out of their mouth. If I had known quitting my job would boost my self-esteem I would have quit a long time ago! I was called sunshine and the only person they liked. What? They have to been kidding. Then person after person said the same thing. I called clients and told them I was leaving. One cried! One offered me a job! I was shocked. Someone else called me sunshine. What? The love I felt was over whelming. Wow! Did I really impact so many lives?

Now for those who have never worked in sales much less advertising sales, look up the memes. They are all true. It’s a hard life, full of money, and no time with your family or friends. Work hard play hard takes on a whole new meaning in advertising sales. There are nice sales people but no one would ever describe them as sunshine. They are honey badgers! Have you seen a honeyeater? Not a pretty sight.

Being a little over a month out from leaving my job I still feel so confident in my decision. The former coworkers that I still have lunch with and talk to often, the clients that I still talk to as friends, those who have offered me jobs or help looking, it was been overwhelming.  I appreciate everything that everyone has done for me during this transition. I feel like I have won the lottery in life. This is a far cry from how I felt a month or two months ago.

Relief didn’t come immediately. Depression just doesn’t go away after one good day or one good decision. Depression sucks and it is hard. More people need to talk about it publicly. You need to know it is ok to reach out for help. It is ok not to be able to make things better on your own. You will be ok. You can do this!

Purple HaHa

Retelling a story, especially a funny one, is an art. Telling it in written word and getting it across the right way is to excel at the art and I am sure that I do not. Every time I think of a funny story I can share it suddenly becomes unfunny in my head. It’s like the only way I can tell a funny story is if you can hear my inflection (is that the right word?), tone, see my facial expressions, and hand gestures. Those who know me can guess a little bit. It really is quite the production. Maybe, my stories are more about the production than the actual story. Damn. Was that an epiphany? Let me tell you a semi funny story then.

I used to work for nonprofit managing fundraising efforts in 4 communities. Two of my communities overlapped with another so the manager for the other area and I decided to do some joint efforts in fundraising. We decided on the purple potty. How it works if someone can pay $10 to put the purple potty in someone else’s yard. To remove the toilet it costs $10, to remove the toilet and move it to another yard is $20, and to remove it, move it to another yard, and get ‘insurance’ that it won’t come back to your yard is $30. We had signage that went with it to explain what we were doing and the fundraiser.

First step is to acquire a purple toilet. No luck in finding a purple one, but a good friend remodels houses so I ask if they have one around. He does, gave me the address and I came to pick it up. He has some guys there who help load it into the car; all the while I can see the crazy expressions on their face wondering why in the hell I want a used toilet. I take it home clean it and start to town with the purple spray paint. Spray paint doesn’t work great on a toilet but it got the job done enough. The lid for the toilet was missing so I went to DT and get some purple flowers to fill the back. Doesn’t that look nice?


We kicked off the fundraiser with putting it in the Mayor’s yard (prearranged) and let him to decide where to send it next. All the volunteers for the event know about it and there was a small article in the paper if anyone wanted to participate. We had a lot of calls about, ‘That better not show up in my yard.’ ‘I’ll break it if you put it in my yard.’ ‘Don’t come out here, I’ll shoot ya.’ Yeah people are real offended by a purple toilet.


We took the potty several places, including a parking spot. Most of the people were good sports about it and if we didn’t hear from someone we removed it after 24 hours. We did have a few that just wanted it gone so we removed it not big deal, until…. Someone paid to have it taken to a house out in McMullen Cove. For those who aren’t familiar McMullen Cove is a real damn fancy neighborhood. The homes are in the upper 6 figures to over a million dollars. This house was huge, beautiful and no one was around during the day when we dropped it off, except the construction workers across the street building the next million-dollar home. I am not including a picture of this particular house in case anyone knows who lived there. I believe I heard they have since moved.


We dropped it off on a Friday and the following Monday afternoon, we hadn’t gone to pick up the toilet, the neighborhood is kind of far out of the way. Then my co-worker’s phone rings. She puts in on speaker as the woman kindly asks if we can go get the toilet and remove it from the yard. In the background you can hear the homeowner swearing. Something like, ‘they better get that mother fucking toilet out of my yard right now. Do they know where I live? Get that fucking thing gone. That fucking toilet has been there all weekend. We were fucking out of town. Are you talking to them? Are they headed to get the fucking toilet?’ We might have gotten a little scared and hopped in the car.

We flew over the mountain and headed into their neighborhood. It didn’t look like anyone was home so I opened my trunk, gabbed the toilet, and liquid ran down my leg. OMG! My first thoughts were he peed in the toilet. He is such a jerk that he peed in the toilet. ‘Smell it!’ I demanded to my co-worker. ‘Smell it and tell me if it is pee!’ All the while the construction workers are staring at us across the street. Very reluctantly she smelled my pants. ‘There’s no smell. I don’t smell anything.’ We opened the toilet, dumped out the rest of the water and noticed the water spots on the toilet. They have a sprinkler system. It must have just been water from that. Part of me still thinks it was pee. *Shutters* Pretty sure we heard the word ‘loco’ used by the construction workers across the street.

A few weeks later we received an apology letter and a donation of $100. Guess he realized he over reacted. I mean it was for a good cause and all in good fun. Some people need to figure out how to relax.


Don’t worry I have more crazy stories from this job to share later!

Powered by Books

Happy Monday!

What are you guys reading? I love to read, until I don’t. Does that make sense? Sometimes a book takes too much out of me or I throw myself too much into the book and I need a rest afterwards. Then I get in a bit of a funk. It doesn’t happen all the time and it’s usually related to a specific book and not the amount of books I have read.


Personally, I love nonfiction books and sci-fi. But I am up for anything. Send me suggestions! My To-Read list is crazy long but I love adding to it. If I find a book to be good, I can’t put it down. I will stay up all night reading, read instead of doing any productive, and take the book with me everywhere.  Good books play like a movie in my head. Is it like that for you? They consume everything around me and I get lost in their world. This is usually why I can’t watch the movie of a book I have read. I don’t want it to change my mental view or ruin anything from my mind.

Currently, I am reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Poppet (which I have been reading for months. The first couple chapters scared me so bad I had to put it down for a while. It still creeps me out some so I have to keep stepping away from it but I want to finish it!), and the Martian. Do you read multiple books at the same time? I don’t always but usually. It helps me if I am reading a book I want to finish but I am not totally into it. It gives me a break.

Recently, I have read When Breath Becomes Air, Hillbilly Elegy, and Slow Dancing with a Stranger and I recommend them all!


When Breath Becomes Air is written by Paul Kalanithi. This is the story about his journey to live through a cancer diagnosis. He is so open and honest about his feeling during this journey. The choices him and his wife makes and the struggles to make those decisions, he shares all of that with the reader. He was an aspiring surgeon, top of his field; his future was big and bright until it wasn’t. His journey to keep on living is inspiring. This is a must read!


Hillbilly Elegy is a book we read in my book club. It is by JD Vance. It looks at the ‘culture crisis’ in the area where he grew up/ where is family is from. I took a bigger interest to this book because a good deal of it takes place in Kentucky. Not the part of Kentucky where I grew up but the circumstances aren’t that much different. Vance grew up in Ohio because his family was escaping the crisis of their home place in KY. They were in search of ‘better’ options. It is his look at the dysfunction of working-class America. I wish I could remember exactly the words that were used but someone in my book club said this is why people voted for Trump. When you read most reviews they discuss a similar political view on that. Read it yourself and let me know what you think. (None of those comments on my part were meant to be political. That’s probably the one thing we will not talk about in my blog, politics)


Another great book I have read lately is Slow Dancing with a Stranger by Meryl Comer. She writes about the struggles of seeing and taking care of her husband with dementia. From getting a diagnosis, treatment options, his care, to her sacrifices she is open and honest with the struggle. Then her mother starts down the same path. There are so many people who are faced with these same choices. She doesn’t shame anyone that chooses different than her; this is just how she best thought their lives should be lived. Knowing the options when someone you love has dementia and knowing why she chose the options she did for them can really help someone going through something similar. IT is something my family will have to face sooner rather than later. It connected with me on a deeper level but I do think it is something we all have to think about with family or friends.

Our local library has all of these books. There was a small waiting list except for Hillbilly Elegy the wait was very long but worth it. More people need to take advantage of their local libraries. They have great things to offer!

In typing this I realize that none of these are light-hearted or uplifting, but they are real-life. Sometimes we just need doses of real-life. To read where someone else gets it, they have been there and this is where they came out on the other end. There are some hard reads as far as content. Each one left a little part of itself behind in me and I am grateful!

Spring Done Sprung

The sights and sounds of spring are everywhere. It brings something alive in me or maybe it ends something in me that affects many of us, Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD. Some call it seasonal depression. Want to know more about SAD, click here. I have several friends it affects and you can really tell in the winter months if someone is affected. SAD can happen with any change of season but most see it in the fall to winter months. We don’t have much of a fall here so I tend to feel it when things aren’t green anymore and the sun isn’t shinning with warmth.

Yesterday I was out with a friend looking at flowers and plants and it was HOT. Not hot like it is going to be in a month or so but considering I just spent a few days in NY, I was hot and ended up with a little sunburn. For a minute I felt SAD affecting me about the warm weather. My brain was confused. What happened to spring? Did we have spring the few days I was gone? Or is this spring? Have I forgotten the difference in spring and summer?

When I got home with my new plants, I didn’t really want to plant them. I missed spring, why did I event buy plants? Because in my mind you can’t plant things in the summer apparently. Well, I planted them anyway and it brightened my mood back up. I mean look at these. How can this not get you in the spirit of spring!


Let’s talk about this great little project I did last summer. Luckily, my parents had this pallet at their house already cut like this. So, where can you get a pallet? You cannot go behind Target or Lowes and steal all their pallets. Don’t do it. Those are not free game. If you see some behind a store go inside and ask if you can have them. The worst they are going to say is ‘No’. Drive through a neighborhood and see if there are any on the side of the road. Look for a house that may be doing some remodeling or getting new sod. They will likely have pallets out on the curb. Put an ISO (In Search Of) on Craigslist or FB. I put one on craigslist once and a business contacted me that had 50 they needed to get rid of. I wish I would have had the storage to take them all!

Sorry I don’t have pictures of the process but it was really easy. I took some landscaping fabric, the black thin stuff you put in your flower beds to ‘keep the weeds out’. Cut narrow strips and used a handheld staple gun to attach them to the underside of the pallet. Leave them slightly loose but not too much give you don’t have to see it once it is weighed down with dirt. And that is it! Now it will hold dirt and you can plant in there.


The picture above is this year. My house is not blue not that terrible frog shit green color! Just felt the need to clarify.

Last year I bought a hanging basket of petunias. They looked amazing after a few weeks because that type likes to grow in long strands and hang down. Wish I had a picture but WOW! This year I bought spreading petunias. We will see how they do in comparison but so far they look great. I enjoy petunias because they are bright in color and they continue to bloom for a long time as long as you cut back the dying flowers.

Another idea I have considered is planting herbs in there. It would be so fragrant and it’s not too far from my kitchen. What ideas do you have to plant in there? Would you try this project?

Have a great weekend! Hoppy Easter!