Ginger Skin

This last Saturday some friends and I had a yard sale. It rained and rained most of the morning yet we were so busy. The more it rained the more people stopped and looked under tarps for potential treasures. As it turned to afternoon, the sun came out and the crowds slowed. It was the weirdest thing. It was mostly overcast after the rain but the sun did come out for a little bit. A few hours after the yard sale I noticed I got some sun and then I realized I was a lobster! Holy crap I was red. There is no way there was that much sun to get that burnt. I brought sunscreen with me but I never put it on. I just didn’t think it got that sunny.

image1 (2)

I usually burn pretty easily. My mother has wonderful skin. Olive skinned, she is over 60 and has almost no wrinkles, tans so well and almost never burns. My dad on the other hand, comes from a family of gingers. While he doesn’t have much red hair he still has the skin of a ginger and I inherited it. I think of looking at the sun and I burn. I hold a tan for about a week and then I am pale like a vampire. Ok that might a bit of an exaggeration but I don’t hold color well. Two weeks ago I was so careful, put on sunscreen 70 SPF and still got burnt a little.

So how do you treat sunburn? Over the years I have tried nearly everything. This go around I am using coconut oil. There’s nothing like feeling super greasy for a few hours to make the sunburn feel better. I do think it has helped with the pain and the heat. It does make it look worse. The oil makes it look a bit darker.

Several people swear but using vinegar or specifically apple cider vinegar. They say to use a wet wash cloth, put some vinegar on it and let it sit on the skin for a few minutes. I tried it once last summer and I don’t think it helped. The pain was still there, the heat was there, and I didn’t notice that it healed any faster.


There is always the green or crazy colored aloe gels out there. Some keep them in the fridge and tend to feel cooling when you put them on the skin. Years ago I heard that those types of gels create a barrier over the skin that traps in the heat in. This can cause more damage in the end. Who knows? But I try to avoid using these gels. They are so full of chemicals; there is no telling what you are putting on your skin. Ok yes I know it tells you on the container but WTF are in those things?


Many times I just use lotion to help heal sunburn. It is soothing and helps replenish the skin. Find a lotion with vitamin E and C in it. You should always be moisturizing your skin anyway. I’ve thought of just breaking off some of my aloe plant and using that. Does it work? How do you treat sunburn?


Bat those Lashes!


It has only been a week but I am ready to talk about my eyelashes. My lashes have always been a struggle for me. The right eye is especially bad, the lashes point down. They hit my glasses, they block my eye sight, and it looks very unattractive. One of my friends calls me Snufflelashagus. If only. Snuff has amazing eyelashes. I could only be so lucky to have luscious lashes like that. Jealous!


I can curl my lashes but they don’t stay. I use a blow dryer to heat up my eyelash curler to curl my eyelashes. I have burned myself more than I can count. There is nothing like scalding your eye lid. Or better yet, having the eye lash curler so hot you singe your eye lashes and then have to deal with super short lashes until they grown back in. The things we go through to feel beautiful.

Several years ago because K and I got married I got my eye lashes permed. Now that is an experience. There were a couple places in town that did it so I randomly chose one. I didn’t know anyone who had done it before so there was really no advice. The place I went was running really late that day and it took about twice as long as they told me it would. They literally have tiny little perm rods that they wrap your eye lashes around and apply perm solution. The smell was terrible. It burns the nose hairs. But my eyelashes looked amazing! They might have been too curly. Nah, there’s no such thing. They looked wonderful but it only lasted about 2 weeks. It really was not worth the time or cost to keep them up.

A year ago I made an appointment to get lash extensions. I’ve seen several people who had them and I wanted lashes like Snuffleupagus! The place was new and they had a special running. So I made an appointment, they said it would take 2 hours. I told them that I couldn’t stay past the 2 hour mark because i had a meeting I couldn’t miss. I arrived early, filled out my paperwork and back we went into the room. They had difficulty taping down my bottom lashes. Like I said everything about my lashes are difficult. Finally she starts applying the extensions, I think. I feel bushing on my lashes, the occasionally tweezer and then…zzzzz. I feel asleep. She woke me up at the two hour mark and said that I had so many lashes they weren’t all done. The manager offered me a free refill in two weeks because I couldn’t stay. We made the appointment and we went over care for the lashes. They looked beautiful. I loved them! I felt so fancy. I paid and left.

By that afternoon I had lost several lashes; lashes that weren’t attached to my lashes. By the end of the second day I had lost nearly 20 lashes. WTF. I had to go out of town for work but I called to talk to them. They asked me to come in and they would take a look at them and add more lashes. Unfortunately, I was out of town until Friday morning, and was then headed back out of town at noon, so there was a small window of time I could get in there. When I arrived they told me my first sets of lashes were put on wrong. That’s why they kept falling off. They added more lashes and off I went. Well, they continued to fall out. They didn’t replace the messed up ones, just added more. In two weeks there were completely gone and I wasn’t happy. Well I tried, won’t be doing that again.

A coworker gets extensions all the time from a different company and she loves them. They always look so great and she rants and raves about them. They opened a new location closer to where we live and work but I still couldn’t convince myself to go. It is expensive. For Christmas my MIL got me a gift certificate to get my lashes done at this new place. I waited and waited for no reason really than that I didn’t want to be disappointed. Last week I made the appointment.

It was a similar experience, filled out paperwork, laid down in a dark room, and she began taping down my bottom lashes. She had some difficulty but not like the first time. Again, I as told it would take 2 hours. I am sure I feel asleep and soon she woke me up and they were done. We discussed care and I looked at my phone it hadn’t even been an hour and a half. Is that good? Should I be concerned? I looked in the mirror and WOW!!! The lashes were amazing! Long! Beautiful! But wait I have felt this way before. I paid and left. That night a lost 5 lashes. Crap! It is happening again. But it wasn’t. These stayed on. Now I’ve lost a lash here and there but there wasn’t a mass exodus like the first time. These lashes might be too long, is that even such a thing? They get a little tangled but they are amazing. I really enjoyed my experience at Amazing Lash and would go back. Now, I’m not sure if I will keep the refills up but I would definitely do this for special occasions. Ignore my lazy eye!

If you are thinking about getting them go try it out! Want to get a special gift for someone? This is it!

Clean Beauty Revolution

***Now guys, before you run away, there is a girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, cousin, sibling, or friend in your life who could benefit from this information

Like most people I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Now while I am not quite ready to give up my 20 piece chicken mcnuggets or run a marathon every weekend, I am willing to make an effort to remove some chemicals from the products that I use. Baby steps. Do things in moderation.


I began my journey on Pinterest and woke up 2 days later having pinned a whole board on why we needed an alpaca farm and delusions of crafts and recipes that I would never look at again. Luckily for me I have a crazy pretentious hippy friend, that we will call Pocahontas. Her and her family live a pretty chemical free life and strive to make it work without going crazyish. A little while ago we discussed makeup and the chemicals and processes that go into them. The mission begins. I began looking up many brands, read the list of ingredients on so called ‘natural’ makeup brands, and decided what my standards were.


The first company I got samples from was Vapour Beauty. I got a blush stain, hand cream, foundation, eye shadow, and a lipstick. They were OK. They didn’t have the staying power I was used to and the hand cream just didn’t mess well with my skin.

Then Pocahontas tells me about a brand she has found called Au Naturale. Au Naturale Cosmetics offers organic, non-toxic, and cruelty-free makeup free of parabens, nano-particles, carmine, gluten and sulfates. I ordered samples and waited. The first day I tried them I was hooked. I got a few samples of shades of foundation to match my color and then ordered the full sizes. I use the stick foundation, translucent powder, white eye shadow, lip gloss, and blush. The packaging is black and white, my fav, and super clean. They included a hand written thank you note every time. I once ordered the powered from amazon and it came with a note of who packed the product. They don’t skimp on the containers or their style.

Au Naturale packaging.png

Big Side note: I write all this, Au Naturale has rebranded and it launches TODAY! The good news was over the weekend all their stuff was half off, so now I have foundation to last me a really long time.

Foundation: It has a nice sleek silver container. I first opened it and was concerned with how much product was there but it lasted me 4 months and I wear makeup every day. I paint my stick on like wartime paint and blend it out with my beauty sponge. When you run out of stick there is still quite a bit left in the tube that you can scrape out.

Powder: It is very fine, comes out well, and has great coverage. I use a big brush to apply and bake it on in some places.

Blush –This blush is pigment rich. My color is so close to NARS orgasm, which has been my go to blush for years. A little goes a long way. I have found that it comes out of the holes super easy and it really gathers at the top of the container. Be careful not to tip it over. This may last me 4 years.

White cream eye shadow: I have a confession. I have not gone all natural and clean with my makeup. One thing I am not willing to give up yet is my Covergirl TruNaked eye shadow kits. I swear by these eye shadow palettes. Want a glamour eye? BAM! Just a little effort and you will love it. So I used the white as a base/primer. I convince myself it stops the bad stuff from getting in my skin right? Don’t answer that. It stays in place and helps enhance the colors of the eyeshadow.

Lip gloss: Remember this is a gloss not an stay on lipstick. That’s what I had to tell myself in the beginning. I had a hard time because I came off using Kat Von D Loletta II which is amazing but not good for you. Again, lots of pigment in this and it stays on really well. Even after it is all over my coffee, right hand, and ruler at my desk, it is still on.

I need to try more Au Naturale products and make the switch because I am so happy with the ones I have. Also, they are a woman owned business and advocates of the clean beauty revolution. Check out their Insta for more info on them and their efforts for laws and regulations on the safety of makeup.

Okay let’s move on. I still use my drugstore eyeliner. It’s been with me since high school. Not the same one but the type. I love just have a deep love for it. I have tried many liquid liners and this is the one for me.

Also, I use Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara. Tarte is a leader in healthy, eco-chic beauty offering cruelty free cosmetics. They are formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, synthetic fragrances, and gluten.  I do love this mascara. It often goes on sale for $10 and it is truly wonderful. Another Pocahontas find. I need to try more of their products!

What natural makeup have you tried or do you recommend?

Another time we will talk about natural beauty products, deodorant, ect. There is a lot to learn. It is time to change our ways and thinking.

For more information check out