IPhone vs android may be a debate that goes on for a very long time. I don’t remember when the iPhone came out exactly. I was working at T-Mobile and we weren’t going to have the iPhone. But a few months later we got the first android phone, the G1. People were crazy for it. Like there had never been a smart phone before. There were blackberries and what about the sidekick (maybe).

Android after android came out and soon every major cell phone manufacturer had their version of a smartphone. Some sucked, some were great, and some should have just never come out on the market. I tried many of them over the years I prefer Samsung smartphones. More specifically I like the Note series because they are bigger. (That’s what she said).

Well my phone randomly died, of course being a month out of warranty. K recently got an iPhone for his work phone so I decided I would try it out. I have had an iPhone for a week now and I miss my android. I think I even long for it a little bit. The iPhone is nice and simple (ish) but there is so much I miss that my Android could provide in my life.

I lost everything that was on my phone. A ton of pictures and all my contacts. It has been a little refreshing to lose 10+ years of contacts, forcing me to purge, but i didn’t realize how few people’s numbers i knew by heart. Slowly, I am getting them back. The other thing I lost were audio that I had saved. I save voicemails and various things that people leave in case someone were to die, I would still have that. I really need to back up my stuff.

The nice thing about the iPhone is I feel less dependent on my phone. It doesn’t have to entertain me as much as it used to. I don’t know if it’s because I like it less but I seem to not use it nearly as much. It is probably more functional in ways. There are some better apps that are helpful to me. That may not be the case for everyone. I see it more for function than I did my android for passing time and staying connected.

I miss the ability to customize the look of all my screens; the ease of the widgets and the convenience of having them on the screens. The way you arrange icons, widgets and everything on androids is much more appealing to me. It looked more like my and not like everyone else’s.

FullSizeRender (2)

The phone chargers are different so that is fun trying to get a charger in every place I need it. The battery life is a bit better. I can usually make it the whole day without charging, I use my phone a whole lot. I just realized I can’t use my selfie stick, failure, because of the headphone jack change. I either need to get an adaptor or a new selfie stick. So complicated.

I have already broken the screen protector. It is tempered glass and I think I broke it the second day. I have never broken a phone screen before and I am not sure how I broke this one. Failure.

One difficult thing with the iPhone is changing settings. If you are in an app you can’t change the settings there you have to go to the settings app and then look for the settings. With android the settings are in the app that you are using and you can change things there. Easy!

The other problem I have it going back to previous screens. With the phone only having one button sometimes that can be hard to navigate. Usually there is something in the upper left that sends you back to the previous screen but it isn’t always there with videos. On Facebook, if you watch a live video I have no idea how you get out of it. I just tap the screen and swipe like a crazy person until it goes away. What is the right way?

The camera in the iPhone 7 is amazing! I am truly impressed with it. There is also a great range of phone editing apps that you can download for free. Haven’t done too much with them yet but if they work like they say they do my Instagram might just become really epic.

Am I getting old? Is this what the elderly feel like? Or have I become resistant to change in my old age?