I Told You…

You didn’t believe me did you? I abandoned the blog. I’ve thought about it, wanted to write things, but alas I am lazy and there’s been a lot going on!

I started a business! Yard Cardz Huntsville, visit our FB page here. The website is coming eventually. Go like the page, contact me to schedule a rental! We can do almost anything. Love to celebrate, celebrate BIG, and I want to help you do the same.

I’m also working more with Jala Jala Foods. Wait, you don’t know them? Go to their website here or their FB here! If you like a little spicy or jalapenos these are the products for you. Seriously, the best salsa I’ve ever had!

Also, I’ve got a lot of health stuff going on. One day, when i’m further along in all this, I’ll go way more in detail. In July, I was diagnosed with PCOS, Polycycstic Ovary Syndrome. Google it. The side effects of the medicine to correct what’s going on are pretty terrible. I mean it could be worse but i’ll spare you from the details for now.

I’ve been thinking of my childhood a lot lately. Went to visit my parents about a month ago and my mom gave me a bunch of photos. We had a great childhood. or if we didn’t, we thought it was great. So many great memories and so many that should probably put us all in therapy! LOL Then some grade school friends have been posting photos from when we were in 5th grade or high school. The memories have really been coming back.

I really want to share some stories, but I hate to upset my parents, they aren’t bad in my opinion. I also, want to share some of my grandmother, but those might be best left for when she passes, if she ever does. The last time I shared a story of my mom she didn’t talk to me for weeks. I was in high school. Now mom has an ipad and I fear she may find my blog. Love you mom!

I will share this because I posted it on my FB today. Driving home I noticed the fire department has a sign out front saying to practice fire drills. So I asked mt FB friends if they do/have practiced them with their kids. Not to call them out or make them feel bad but because my parents did. I look back now and laugh. My mom was very concerned with safety, survival skills, and our education. We discussed Stop, Drop, and Roll at length, practiced where to go and what to do if there was a fire. And there were the middle of the night fire drills. I am pretty sure we always failed them because who can function when woken from a deep sleep. We also had these late night fire drills when friends were spending the night. They learned how to exit our house during a fire too. Learning was not just for us kids.

It’s a wonder they ever can back or talked to us again. No telling what they told their other friends when they spent the night. It makes me smile to think of these things. And my plans to do this to my nonexistent children. Maybe I should practice with the dogs or just K. You know for fun!!

Maybe I’ll post again in a few months!