Tassels, and Pompoms, oh my!

Tassels are in folks! Are you excited?!?! OK, that’s fine, I wasn’t either. Tassels have been in for a while in moderation. But now bold bright colors, lots of tassels everywhere. Also, Pompoms are in. Yes, bold bright colors, lots of pompoms everywhere. Not my thing. Not either of these really. Until…

I was shopping at Target, buying $100 worth of crap we don’t need, when I saw these:

My brain went to churning and I couldn’t grab them fast enough. They are in the ‘craft’ aisle of target. If you can call it a craft aisle. There were $5. 9 colors, 2 of each, 18 tassels. That is a deal! There are so many things you can do with these. Add them to a bag. use a jewelry, attach them to a shirt, whatever you can think of. I knew I was going to wear them as earrings. Do you have hoop earrings? I know you do. Watch this:

Bam! earrings. and you can use a mix match of colors for whatever you are wearing. I have plain hoops in 3 sizes so there are tons of options. Wear one tassel, or 4 or all 9. You have just expanded your earring collection by like 100 pairs. I don’t know what the real number is I don’t feel like doing math. Look at all the ways you can style them too.

So, pompoms. I just don’t want you on my clothes or my jewelry I really don’t. sorry. I don’t know if it seems childish or cheap. It is just not for me but if it is for you great! and those mixing pompoms and tassels you are above and beyond. You go girl! There is a sweet lady at the hubs office that has been giving us fresh eggs. I had made a new batch of Lip balm (we will talk about another time, but if you are interested in buying some you can here) so I decided to make her a cute little gift to thank her for all the eggs. Like seriously she has given us a ton of eggs! I took a jar, filled the bottom with pompoms, put in the lip balm and I also make a hand salve. Then I tied a ribbon around the top and it was done. So cute! The pompoms looked great in there and I didn’t have to wear them! Did I take a picture, of course not! Use your imagination.

Are you wearing pompoms or tassels? Show me what you got! I need some new ideas.


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