Too much TV

Why haven’t I blogged in a while you ask? Ok, you didn’t, but follow me here. I watch too much TV. TV is sooooo good. How do people not watch TV? I need some serious advice. We do not have cable or satellite but we do have Netflix, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, and I have a friend’s Hulu login.  I am doomed! Netflix is like Pinterest, I could get lost for years in the two of those. They are the main reason I don’t get enough stuff done! They are in the top 10 loves of my life. Often, I wonder how I survived without them. Sigh


We finally finished Dexter! And I wish it had never ended. While I wasn’t fond of the ending, it really made me wish for more! This is like a whole new series. Let’s run with it and see where it goes. I need Dexter in my life; I will never be the same again.

After Dexter we tried to watch Trailer Park Boys and we just couldn’t get into it. It came with high recommendations but it’s not for us.


We did start watching Longmore! Which is a high contract from what we usually watch. Lots of murders but more wholesome if that makes any sense. We are really enjoying Longmire. It’s a modern take on westerns.

IN the middle of Longmire, House of Cards came back out. Of course, we dropped everything and began watching it. If you have not seen House of Cards, drop everything and watch it! The plot of this show is compelling. The way it mimics our current political situations is very interesting. You must start from the beginning. To see the way the things evolve and how different the show is now. It’s wonderful. You know in a weird, twisted, political government crushing way.

Orange is the New Black has also come back on and we binged on it. So I may have watched some without the hubs but in all fairness I watched all of the last season without him. Oops! I still am not over last season. In fact, every time I think about it I can feel the tears coming back. If you haven’t seen the show, at least watch the last the last season. This is not a show for the weak of heart or those who have a problem with raunchy scenes. The writers are so in tune with what is happening in the world now and the problems going on. I like the real time situations.

I am still forever watching Supernatural. Right now, I can’t even formulate an opinion. I thought I had 3 seasons left to go and then they drop another season. WHY!!! Every season already has 800 episodes! I’ll never finish it!

Another season of The Ranch is coming out this weekend. I will watch it but it’s not my favorite (see previous Netflix post).


On Hulu, I have watched The Handmaid’s Tale and Harlots. Love them both. But especially love The Handmaid’s Tale because it could so happen. Well, maybe. Harlots is a British drama set in the 18th century about competing whore houses. Scandal, drama, elegance, murder, it has it all. The Handmaid’s Tale is a novel turned into a TV show. New episodes come out on Wednesday’s on Hulu. A Christian Fundamentalist government rules the United States and everything is Bible-inspired. There is a widespread infertility crisis and women who are fertile become handmaid’s against their will. Women have no rights and there is a class system. The main character is Elisabeth Moss from Mad Men. It is so good. Go watch it.


There has been so much good TV that I don’t think I have watched any movies. I did watch a documentary on coal but I am not going to recommend it. It goes against the things I grew up with but more than it does not represent the whole picture. I know everyone says that about things they don’t like. But they focus on a certain segment and don’t tell the other parts of what is going on. Disappointed.

Tell me what you are watching on Netflix. In a couple weeks we will need another show again!


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