Dollar Tree Sightings

You have those days where things don’t go as planned? Like nothing goes as planned? That was yesterday for me. I went to the Dollar Tree for some Epsom salts. As I loaded up my cart I remembered that my debit card had been compromised the week before and the new one hasn’t come in yet. That’s ok I have my credit card I will pay will. I put my stuff, like 20 items cause who goes into the DT and only gets what they came in there for, on the conveyor and insert my credit card and they don’t accept Amex.  So there I am being THAT person.

I leave and sit in my car like crap. Idea! I’ll go to the ATM and get cash. Nope, need a debit card for that. I don’t feel like going into the bank. OK, I’ll run across the street and buy somethings at Publix and get cash back. So I run into Publix get a few things and as I am putting them on the conveyer I remember you can’t get cash back with a credit card you need a debit card. Crap!

When K got home we went back to DT and I couldn’t remember what I needed. Hah! Figures! I think I did find everything again except the only Epsom salts they had were eucalyptus. I’ll go to another DT and look when I have a debit card again.

So let’s look at some of the things I found while there:

These pink yard flamingos! I bought them about a month ago and we used them for a friend’s birthday. We took a Happy Birthday banner, cut out the letters, glued them on to the flamingos and put them in the yard. They are a dollar! If you were to buy yard flamingos at Big Lots of Target they are like 2 for $20. Now these are a bit smaller but you can buy 20 instead of 2! Totally worth it! These would be great for someone looking for a fundraiser. Flamingo people’s yard for $X. Love it!

Check out the art work they have. There are canvases and framed art work. There is some really cute stuff and all types of different styles. I bought some ‘farm house’ style cow canvases and one framed piece for our command center area. I’ll show a pic when I get it finished, whenever that might be. I have also bought a ton for gifts!

Two things to take from this pic. Glue sticks! So cheap. Also those triangles are paper pennants! How many great uses can you think of for these? Every holiday, birthday party, or event. So many uses! There are 12 in a package for a dollar!

Also, two things in this pic. The pennants here are much bigger and made of felt. You get 2 for a dollar! For repetitive events these will last longer. They had red and blue or purple and green. Your DT may have different colors. The metal storage tins are great. There are two sizes. I make my own healing hand salve and these would be perfect containers. Make sugar lip scrub or any other homemade product. This is a great deal. You can also use them for storage for small things. Sewing kits?

Paper straws have taken over our DT. They also had ones with stars! They were scattered all through the store. All kinds and colors.

These are the hats we used for Kentucky Derby. But there are so many uses for them. You can paint them, or stencil a design on them.

I love these storage bins. They are collapsible and come in 3 colors, at least that I have seen. I used them in my cubicle at work to keep everything organized. You could use them in a closet or in your dresser drawers. There are endless uses.

These wine glasses are so cute. Excuse the hands; I was trying to make them easier to read. They would make great gifts. They say, ‘This girl needs some wine’, ‘wine flies when you’re having fun’ and there was a third but I forgot what it says.

Apparently, DT has been selling this bacon for a long time. I’ve only bought a few food items from DT and never been disappointed. So I thought, heck, if it sucks it’s only a dollar. This morning for breakfast I made it. Now it is no replacement for real bacon, nothing is. But K said for $1 and there are 10 slices, I could eat it. It wasn’t bad. It is bad when it’s burnt. I like burnt bacon. But burnt turkey bacon is no good. I also got some frozen fruit for smoothies but we haven’t tried it yet. Stay tuned…

Those were my worthy finds at DT this week. What have you found or do you always buy at DT??


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