Tassels, and Pompoms, oh my!

Tassels are in folks! Are you excited?!?! OK, that’s fine, I wasn’t either. Tassels have been in for a while in moderation. But now bold bright colors, lots of tassels everywhere. Also, Pompoms are in. Yes, bold bright colors, lots of pompoms everywhere. Not my thing. Not either of these really. Until…

I was shopping at Target, buying $100 worth of crap we don’t need, when I saw these:

My brain went to churning and I couldn’t grab them fast enough. They are in the ‘craft’ aisle of target. If you can call it a craft aisle. There were $5. 9 colors, 2 of each, 18 tassels. That is a deal! There are so many things you can do with these. Add them to a bag. use a jewelry, attach them to a shirt, whatever you can think of. I knew I was going to wear them as earrings. Do you have hoop earrings? I know you do. Watch this:

Bam! earrings. and you can use a mix match of colors for whatever you are wearing. I have plain hoops in 3 sizes so there are tons of options. Wear one tassel, or 4 or all 9. You have just expanded your earring collection by like 100 pairs. I don’t know what the real number is I don’t feel like doing math. Look at all the ways you can style them too.

So, pompoms. I just don’t want you on my clothes or my jewelry I really don’t. sorry. I don’t know if it seems childish or cheap. It is just not for me but if it is for you great! and those mixing pompoms and tassels you are above and beyond. You go girl! There is a sweet lady at the hubs office that has been giving us fresh eggs. I had made a new batch of Lip balm (we will talk about another time, but if you are interested in buying some you can here) so I decided to make her a cute little gift to thank her for all the eggs. Like seriously she has given us a ton of eggs! I took a jar, filled the bottom with pompoms, put in the lip balm and I also make a hand salve. Then I tied a ribbon around the top and it was done. So cute! The pompoms looked great in there and I didn’t have to wear them! Did I take a picture, of course not! Use your imagination.

Are you wearing pompoms or tassels? Show me what you got! I need some new ideas.


Whole 30, 9 days in

For some dumb reason, the hubs and decided to do Whole 30. I think I thought it was a good idea and told the hubby we were doing it and he went along with it. We are currently at day 9. If you do not know about Whole 30 you can go to their website here and see what it is about. My take on Whole 30 is that you are eating ‘Whole’ foods. ‘Whole’ food is a little loosely interpreted depending on who you ask. You cannot eat dairy, sugar, fake sugars, processed foods (no nitrates), legumes (beans, peanuts, soy, lentils, peas), grains (including corn), or white potatoes (except in a recent version of the rules I believe that has changed). You can have meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, and fruit (only 2 servings a day).

We are going to starve! Well that’s what my husband thought in the beginning. Luckily, we have some friends who have done this before so they could help us. plus, there is this wonderful thing called Pinterest that has tons of recipes. for two weeks, we tried to eat the bad food in our house and kind of start eating meals that were Whole 30 approved. Then we finally jumped in and went Whole 30 full time.


Day 1: We survived. It wasn’t so bad but the hubs asked for dessert after dinner. I had made ‘popsicles’ from strawberries and bananas. So, we ate them and then found out we weren’t supposed to. Something called ‘Sex with your pants on’. I don’t like this rule. Read the book, it’s in there. Plus, we didn’t know about the 2 serving of fruit a day and this was our like 5th. I hate black coffee so I have been drinking tea instead. we will see how that pans out.

image3 (2)

Day 2: someone give me chicken nuggets from McDonalds!! Ok, it wasn’t that terrible. But my brain was being mean. I heard the word donut on the radio and it was all I could think about a delicious donut. yum! even know it sounds tasty. one thing we had started a few weeks ago that I am glad we were doing was buying a rotisserie chicken from Sam’s, they are $5 and Sam’s sized salad mix. So, lunch was easy some chicken and salad and probably carrots or if there were some leftover veggies from the night before. This made lunch easy. The chickens probably have something bad in the seasoning but we took the skin off so they are ok, right?

Day 3: Pistachios are my friend. I wasn’t eating enough at lunch to make it to dinner. or I wasn’t eating enough fats to satisfy until then. ok I might have just bad hard-boiled eggs with hot sauce of lunch but really, I wasn’t so hungry at lunch time. For dinner, I made a sweet potato hash and it changed our lives. You can find the recipe I based it on here. Don’t add the beans. For a moment that hubs and felt like we could do this!! also, this is the day the headaches started.


Day 4: I want pizza and a blizzard. What if I went to McDonalds? No one would know unless I told them. we got smart the night before and started making egg cups. Basically, line muffin tins with prosciutto, scramble 10 eggs, poor the eggs in the muffin tins, then add veggie of your choice. I add peppers and onions. Bake at 400 degrees for 20-23 minutes. easy! They are easy to make and I don’t have to make breakfast every morning now. I heat them up but the hubs just eats them cold (eww). With dinner, I made carrot ‘fries’, thought this might us feel better. Negative for me. They just tasted like cooked carrots, which I hate. Hubs liked them. he will take a carrot anyway he can take it.


Day 5: I NEED A DRINK. just one sip of champagne and I will quit complaining I swear! This is also the first day we went out to eat. EEK! I ordered a plane grilled tuna steak and asked if they could put it on a salad no dressing. Well that would have worked out until the salad came with cheese. damn it. I scrapped all the cheese off I could. the tuna was good, but it made me a bit sad.

image1 (1)

Day 6: my parents were in town and went to IHOP without us for breakfast. IT’s ok. They probably don’t have anything we can eat. Besides I found Whole 30 bacon at Whole Foods. Bacon makes everything better. My parents were VERY hesitant about eating with us this weekend because they knew how restrictive our diet was. For lunch, we had broccoli slaw and chicken salad. For the chicken salad, I made my own mayo. If you never have before I will post about it soon. It is so easy and delicious. Added hard boiled eggs, dill pickles, salt and pepper. We ate it on leaves of radicchio and it was delicious!


image1 (2)

For dinner, I made Coconut lime chicken, here is the recipe. I did not put the arrowroot flour in and I recommend using coconut cream to make it thicker. It was pretty good. My dad loved it. He isn’t a foodie and rarely has an opinion if it is good or not but he kept talking about it. I added cauliflower rice to it. Also roasted beets and radishes. if you don’t like radishes, roast them. They have a totally different flavor. They are soo good! I also shredded Brussel sprouts, cooked them in bacon fat, added a little balsamic vinegar and bacon crumbles. They put in a warm over until the rest of dinner was done. This is one of my favorite.

image2 (1)

Day 7: The headaches are over. I feel pretty good. I made the sweet potato hash for my parents. They loved it, except mom who wouldn’t eat the sweet potatoes. I didn’t have sausage so I used ground beef. still pretty good. Can you believe Whole Foods does not have sausage that is Whole 30 compliant but Aldi does! For Lunch, I made a roast in the crockpot. Put potatoes in the bottom, then green beans (yes you can have green beans) the roast and then poured a jar of pepperoncini peppers on top. Lunch l was crazy good. The peppers make all the difference in this roast. IT’s not too spicy. Mom and dad went home satisfied with food for the weekend. We also had a pretty great time together. we had left over for dinner because I didn’t plan past lunch!

image3 (1)

Day 8: I don’t remember breakfast. isn’t that sad. I’m sure we had eggs. Gosh. For lunch, I had leftover coconut lime chicken. Then for dinner I made this pork chop and apples recipes. You can find it here. I didn’t think I would like it but I really did! so did the hubs. Tonight, we decided to clean out the freezer and fridge of food we can’t eat and put it in the fridge in the garage. The freezer still looks full but the fridge is empty. Not so many condiments are compliant. I think this will help us mentally though.

image4 (1)

Day 9: we are still surviving. Egg muffins for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch and I feel pretty good.

Overall: I think we are sleeping better. I sure feel better in the mornings when I wake up yet still not a morning person. we haven’t been too grumpy through this process. There was some complaining but I really thought it would be worse. we were told the sugar withdrawal would be so bad and I don’t think it was what everyone hyped it up to be. The headaches for me were bad but I also get migraines some, so they don’t even compare in pain. to my knowledge we haven’t slipped up any. I do still crave some champagne or a blizzard, maybe chicken nuggets. The hubs says none of that sounds good to him. We are buying a lot of groceries, maybe too much. Our neighbor yelled across the street at me this morning and told me she can tell I’m losing weight. It’s not about losing weight for me, it’s about how I feel and how things in my body are functioning. I’m not as swollen/bloated as I always am. Last year I feel and hurt my leg and that area has been swollen ever since and it has dramatically gone down.

I think we will make it the whole 30 days. I was skeptical until about day 7, but I think we can do it. While some of our friends think we are crazy and tease us a little; overall, they have been very supportive and are helping us out.

Too much TV

Why haven’t I blogged in a while you ask? Ok, you didn’t, but follow me here. I watch too much TV. TV is sooooo good. How do people not watch TV? I need some serious advice. We do not have cable or satellite but we do have Netflix, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, and I have a friend’s Hulu login.  I am doomed! Netflix is like Pinterest, I could get lost for years in the two of those. They are the main reason I don’t get enough stuff done! They are in the top 10 loves of my life. Often, I wonder how I survived without them. Sigh


We finally finished Dexter! And I wish it had never ended. While I wasn’t fond of the ending, it really made me wish for more! This is like a whole new series. Let’s run with it and see where it goes. I need Dexter in my life; I will never be the same again.

After Dexter we tried to watch Trailer Park Boys and we just couldn’t get into it. It came with high recommendations but it’s not for us.


We did start watching Longmore! Which is a high contract from what we usually watch. Lots of murders but more wholesome if that makes any sense. We are really enjoying Longmire. It’s a modern take on westerns.

IN the middle of Longmire, House of Cards came back out. Of course, we dropped everything and began watching it. If you have not seen House of Cards, drop everything and watch it! The plot of this show is compelling. The way it mimics our current political situations is very interesting. You must start from the beginning. To see the way the things evolve and how different the show is now. It’s wonderful. You know in a weird, twisted, political government crushing way.

Orange is the New Black has also come back on and we binged on it. So I may have watched some without the hubs but in all fairness I watched all of the last season without him. Oops! I still am not over last season. In fact, every time I think about it I can feel the tears coming back. If you haven’t seen the show, at least watch the last the last season. This is not a show for the weak of heart or those who have a problem with raunchy scenes. The writers are so in tune with what is happening in the world now and the problems going on. I like the real time situations.

I am still forever watching Supernatural. Right now, I can’t even formulate an opinion. I thought I had 3 seasons left to go and then they drop another season. WHY!!! Every season already has 800 episodes! I’ll never finish it!

Another season of The Ranch is coming out this weekend. I will watch it but it’s not my favorite (see previous Netflix post).


On Hulu, I have watched The Handmaid’s Tale and Harlots. Love them both. But especially love The Handmaid’s Tale because it could so happen. Well, maybe. Harlots is a British drama set in the 18th century about competing whore houses. Scandal, drama, elegance, murder, it has it all. The Handmaid’s Tale is a novel turned into a TV show. New episodes come out on Wednesday’s on Hulu. A Christian Fundamentalist government rules the United States and everything is Bible-inspired. There is a widespread infertility crisis and women who are fertile become handmaid’s against their will. Women have no rights and there is a class system. The main character is Elisabeth Moss from Mad Men. It is so good. Go watch it.


There has been so much good TV that I don’t think I have watched any movies. I did watch a documentary on coal but I am not going to recommend it. It goes against the things I grew up with but more than it does not represent the whole picture. I know everyone says that about things they don’t like. But they focus on a certain segment and don’t tell the other parts of what is going on. Disappointed.

Tell me what you are watching on Netflix. In a couple weeks we will need another show again!

Dollar Tree Sightings

You have those days where things don’t go as planned? Like nothing goes as planned? That was yesterday for me. I went to the Dollar Tree for some Epsom salts. As I loaded up my cart I remembered that my debit card had been compromised the week before and the new one hasn’t come in yet. That’s ok I have my credit card I will pay will. I put my stuff, like 20 items cause who goes into the DT and only gets what they came in there for, on the conveyor and insert my credit card and they don’t accept Amex.  So there I am being THAT person.

I leave and sit in my car like crap. Idea! I’ll go to the ATM and get cash. Nope, need a debit card for that. I don’t feel like going into the bank. OK, I’ll run across the street and buy somethings at Publix and get cash back. So I run into Publix get a few things and as I am putting them on the conveyer I remember you can’t get cash back with a credit card you need a debit card. Crap!

When K got home we went back to DT and I couldn’t remember what I needed. Hah! Figures! I think I did find everything again except the only Epsom salts they had were eucalyptus. I’ll go to another DT and look when I have a debit card again.

So let’s look at some of the things I found while there:

These pink yard flamingos! I bought them about a month ago and we used them for a friend’s birthday. We took a Happy Birthday banner, cut out the letters, glued them on to the flamingos and put them in the yard. They are a dollar! If you were to buy yard flamingos at Big Lots of Target they are like 2 for $20. Now these are a bit smaller but you can buy 20 instead of 2! Totally worth it! These would be great for someone looking for a fundraiser. Flamingo people’s yard for $X. Love it!

Check out the art work they have. There are canvases and framed art work. There is some really cute stuff and all types of different styles. I bought some ‘farm house’ style cow canvases and one framed piece for our command center area. I’ll show a pic when I get it finished, whenever that might be. I have also bought a ton for gifts!

Two things to take from this pic. Glue sticks! So cheap. Also those triangles are paper pennants! How many great uses can you think of for these? Every holiday, birthday party, or event. So many uses! There are 12 in a package for a dollar!

Also, two things in this pic. The pennants here are much bigger and made of felt. You get 2 for a dollar! For repetitive events these will last longer. They had red and blue or purple and green. Your DT may have different colors. The metal storage tins are great. There are two sizes. I make my own healing hand salve and these would be perfect containers. Make sugar lip scrub or any other homemade product. This is a great deal. You can also use them for storage for small things. Sewing kits?

Paper straws have taken over our DT. They also had ones with stars! They were scattered all through the store. All kinds and colors.

These are the hats we used for Kentucky Derby. But there are so many uses for them. You can paint them, or stencil a design on them.

I love these storage bins. They are collapsible and come in 3 colors, at least that I have seen. I used them in my cubicle at work to keep everything organized. You could use them in a closet or in your dresser drawers. There are endless uses.

These wine glasses are so cute. Excuse the hands; I was trying to make them easier to read. They would make great gifts. They say, ‘This girl needs some wine’, ‘wine flies when you’re having fun’ and there was a third but I forgot what it says.

Apparently, DT has been selling this bacon for a long time. I’ve only bought a few food items from DT and never been disappointed. So I thought, heck, if it sucks it’s only a dollar. This morning for breakfast I made it. Now it is no replacement for real bacon, nothing is. But K said for $1 and there are 10 slices, I could eat it. It wasn’t bad. It is bad when it’s burnt. I like burnt bacon. But burnt turkey bacon is no good. I also got some frozen fruit for smoothies but we haven’t tried it yet. Stay tuned…

Those were my worthy finds at DT this week. What have you found or do you always buy at DT??