…And they’re off

Hello all! How was your weekend? Did you watch the KY Derby?Growing up in Kentucky I feel like it is my duty to observe this as a holiday. I’ve never been to The Derby. Impart because I can’t stand to go near Looserville. I guess I shouldn’t hold that against The Derby.

The neighbors invited us over for a Derby party so first things first I needed a hat. A few hours after getting lost on Pinterest I had enough ideas in my head. So I headed where I always do, the Dollar Tree. Now, the Dollar Tree does not have a Derby section like they do luau or ‘Merica or whatever holiday is near. This is the time to get creative.

When you think of The Derby what comes to mind? Horses, roses, big hats, mint juleps, seersucker, betting, and more. Start looking around. In the kids toys I found a ten pack of horses for $1, then on what I call the craft aisle they had fake red roses in bunches, they also have green moss, and near the registers I found hats. Side note: I was there earlier in the week and they had ‘derby hats’ but on this day I couldn’t find them! Apparently, they moved them and I didn’t spend the time looking.

Here is what I bought:

2 packages of horses

A fedora and a cowboy hat

6 bunches of red roses

I did not buy moss because I already had some at home leftover from old projects.

DT is also a great place to but hot glue sticks!

I painted the horses gold! I had gold paint left over from a New Year’s Eve party I helped throw. So that makes it free, right??

image3 (1)

Then, I need to convert the cowboy hat to a Derby hat. I cut up some cardboard from the recycling bin to make a structure inside the hat. This will not make it look so much like a cowboy hat and add some strength to it.

image4 (1)


The tops of the rose bundles pull off nicely and I glued those around the rim of the hat.

image2 (2)Next, and I probably should have done this first, I glued to moss all on the top of the hat. The moss I have is VERY messy. Don’t be like me and do this on top of your computer. There is still moss in my keys. Once the horses had dried, ok maybe they were tacky, I glued them on all over the top.

image1 (1)

My husband’s hat was super easy; I just glued the horses on the ribbon around the hat. We did later add a poppy to it for a splash of color. We were having a hat making party at the neighbors and I cheated and went ahead and made my hat. Seriously though, I didn’t want to make the moss mess in their house. Though they don’t believe me.

And there you go a DT Derby hat. Enjoy some pics from the party!image3



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