Aldi is for you!

The price of groceries is ridiculous. Feeding your family a semi healthy meal can really cost you. Now junk food comes cheap so fill yourself up and add to the obesity crisis like I do! I used to be the crazy coupon lady, ok not as crazy as the extreme coupon show, but I was hardcore enough. It takes a lot of work to coupon to make a real impact on your grocery spending. I had more luck with saving on hygiene and cleaning products. So how do you save some cash, feed your family, and not spend all your time working on it?


Aldi really helps. I hear so many excuses from people about Aldi, ‘you have to pay a quarter to get a cart’, ‘you have to pay for bags’, ‘there’s nothing name brand’, or ‘they don’t have everything I will have to go to another store’. What are your excuses? Let me help.

You don’t pay a quarter for your cart. The carts a linked together and to get them apart you insert a quarter. When you return your cart you get your quarter back. If you leave your cart in the parking lot or forget your quarter, then yes you paid a quarter for it. The purpose of linking the carts together this way is an effort to cut overhead costs. If everyone returns their carts then they don’t have to pay someone to wrangle them in the parking lot. Saving overhead saves you money on food costs.

You don’t HAVE to pay for bags at Aldi.  Bring your own bags. I have a million reusable bags in my house. I try to keep some in the car in case I take an unplanned trip to Aldi. If you don’t bring your own bags then yes you will have to pay for bags or if you only buy a few things they usually have some boxes around. Again, the purpose of this is to keep their overhead down. Someone has to pay for the bags. By selling bags and encouraging customers to bring their own bags it saves money on food costs.

Sound like a repetitive pattern yet?

There are always many name brand products in Aldi.  Take a look at these pics. Name brands! Take a look at many of their products and you will see they are distributed by many of the same companies that brand names are. Go to Kroger or Publix and compare the store brand to the name brand. Many times it is the same distributor. This isn’t always the case but there have been very few things at Aldi that I thought were kind of bad or terrible.

image1 (1)

No, Aldi may not have everything you need. But neither does other groceries stores. I usually end up going to two places. Maybe take a look at what Aldi has and plan your weekly groceries around that. Aldi always has the staples eggs, milk, bread, beef, chicken, cheese, lettuce, lunch meat, chips, but there is so much more. Now if you find something you really like, it is probably a good idea to stock up on it. Things tend to be seasonal and disappear. They used to have this breakfast scramble mix, bought it for years, and now I haven’t seen in about a year. It was wonderful. They have veal schnitzel sometimes, but right now they have pork, next week they may not have it and in 3 months it might be the veal again. Things just rotate out and change. Head over to Pinterest and you can find all kinds of meal plans even specific to your dietary needs.

Things I always look for in Aldi:

Eggs – Last week they were .28 a dozen

Milk – a gallon is often .99. Stock up and put some in the freezer

Organic produce – bananas have been .29 a lb. but all their produce is much cheaper

Cheese and cured meats – they are just so much cheaper! I always keep them on hand for an easy appetizer

Specialty items on the ends caps – you can find higher end items and great seasonal products here

Aldi sells a lot of gluten free and organic products as well. So don’t use that as an excuse not to shop there. They are lacking a bit on the sugar free options. That is something I would like to see more of. They have a brand called Fit and Active that is lower calorie and lower fat so look for that as well.

There’s usually half an aisle of non-food items. I have gotten pillows, garden shears, bathroom organizers, clothes, plants stands, bird food, and more from that section. Last week there were organic cotton hypoallergenic pillows for $6.99.

Aldi is a great place to shop and save some money. Like all change it take a little getting used to and you can do it! Tell me about your Aldi experiences!


4 thoughts on “Aldi is for you!

  1. You are such a smart shopper. Not only do you advance an idea, you also back it up with solid proof. Love the details. I have only shopped aldi for single items; I’ve never made “an aldi run” — however, I will begin to consider it as a solid option. Keep blogging you have powerful content.

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  2. LOVE Aldi! I have bought anything from maple tree to Korma sauce, lamb to a pillows. And if for some reason I’ve forgotten bags, I just unload into my car and bag up at home. Once someone gave me their cart and wouldn’t take my quarter. I been paying it forward since. Except, weirdly on the last Aldi trip, a lady refused it-taking away my joy! Usually makes people smile though.

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