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Happy Monday!

What are you guys reading? I love to read, until I don’t. Does that make sense? Sometimes a book takes too much out of me or I throw myself too much into the book and I need a rest afterwards. Then I get in a bit of a funk. It doesn’t happen all the time and it’s usually related to a specific book and not the amount of books I have read.


Personally, I love nonfiction books and sci-fi. But I am up for anything. Send me suggestions! My To-Read list is crazy long but I love adding to it. If I find a book to be good, I can’t put it down. I will stay up all night reading, read instead of doing any productive, and take the book with me everywhere.  Good books play like a movie in my head. Is it like that for you? They consume everything around me and I get lost in their world. This is usually why I can’t watch the movie of a book I have read. I don’t want it to change my mental view or ruin anything from my mind.

Currently, I am reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Poppet (which I have been reading for months. The first couple chapters scared me so bad I had to put it down for a while. It still creeps me out some so I have to keep stepping away from it but I want to finish it!), and the Martian. Do you read multiple books at the same time? I don’t always but usually. It helps me if I am reading a book I want to finish but I am not totally into it. It gives me a break.

Recently, I have read When Breath Becomes Air, Hillbilly Elegy, and Slow Dancing with a Stranger and I recommend them all!


When Breath Becomes Air is written by Paul Kalanithi. This is the story about his journey to live through a cancer diagnosis. He is so open and honest about his feeling during this journey. The choices him and his wife makes and the struggles to make those decisions, he shares all of that with the reader. He was an aspiring surgeon, top of his field; his future was big and bright until it wasn’t. His journey to keep on living is inspiring. This is a must read!


Hillbilly Elegy is a book we read in my book club. It is by JD Vance. It looks at the ‘culture crisis’ in the area where he grew up/ where is family is from. I took a bigger interest to this book because a good deal of it takes place in Kentucky. Not the part of Kentucky where I grew up but the circumstances aren’t that much different. Vance grew up in Ohio because his family was escaping the crisis of their home place in KY. They were in search of ‘better’ options. It is his look at the dysfunction of working-class America. I wish I could remember exactly the words that were used but someone in my book club said this is why people voted for Trump. When you read most reviews they discuss a similar political view on that. Read it yourself and let me know what you think. (None of those comments on my part were meant to be political. That’s probably the one thing we will not talk about in my blog, politics)


Another great book I have read lately is Slow Dancing with a Stranger by Meryl Comer. She writes about the struggles of seeing and taking care of her husband with dementia. From getting a diagnosis, treatment options, his care, to her sacrifices she is open and honest with the struggle. Then her mother starts down the same path. There are so many people who are faced with these same choices. She doesn’t shame anyone that chooses different than her; this is just how she best thought their lives should be lived. Knowing the options when someone you love has dementia and knowing why she chose the options she did for them can really help someone going through something similar. IT is something my family will have to face sooner rather than later. It connected with me on a deeper level but I do think it is something we all have to think about with family or friends.

Our local library has all of these books. There was a small waiting list except for Hillbilly Elegy the wait was very long but worth it. More people need to take advantage of their local libraries. They have great things to offer!

In typing this I realize that none of these are light-hearted or uplifting, but they are real-life. Sometimes we just need doses of real-life. To read where someone else gets it, they have been there and this is where they came out on the other end. There are some hard reads as far as content. Each one left a little part of itself behind in me and I am grateful!


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