Spring Done Sprung

The sights and sounds of spring are everywhere. It brings something alive in me or maybe it ends something in me that affects many of us, Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD. Some call it seasonal depression. Want to know more about SAD, click here. I have several friends it affects and you can really tell in the winter months if someone is affected. SAD can happen with any change of season but most see it in the fall to winter months. We don’t have much of a fall here so I tend to feel it when things aren’t green anymore and the sun isn’t shinning with warmth.

Yesterday I was out with a friend looking at flowers and plants and it was HOT. Not hot like it is going to be in a month or so but considering I just spent a few days in NY, I was hot and ended up with a little sunburn. For a minute I felt SAD affecting me about the warm weather. My brain was confused. What happened to spring? Did we have spring the few days I was gone? Or is this spring? Have I forgotten the difference in spring and summer?

When I got home with my new plants, I didn’t really want to plant them. I missed spring, why did I event buy plants? Because in my mind you can’t plant things in the summer apparently. Well, I planted them anyway and it brightened my mood back up. I mean look at these. How can this not get you in the spirit of spring!


Let’s talk about this great little project I did last summer. Luckily, my parents had this pallet at their house already cut like this. So, where can you get a pallet? You cannot go behind Target or Lowes and steal all their pallets. Don’t do it. Those are not free game. If you see some behind a store go inside and ask if you can have them. The worst they are going to say is ‘No’. Drive through a neighborhood and see if there are any on the side of the road. Look for a house that may be doing some remodeling or getting new sod. They will likely have pallets out on the curb. Put an ISO (In Search Of) on Craigslist or FB. I put one on craigslist once and a business contacted me that had 50 they needed to get rid of. I wish I would have had the storage to take them all!

Sorry I don’t have pictures of the process but it was really easy. I took some landscaping fabric, the black thin stuff you put in your flower beds to ‘keep the weeds out’. Cut narrow strips and used a handheld staple gun to attach them to the underside of the pallet. Leave them slightly loose but not too much give you don’t have to see it once it is weighed down with dirt. And that is it! Now it will hold dirt and you can plant in there.


The picture above is this year. My house is not blue not that terrible frog shit green color! Just felt the need to clarify.

Last year I bought a hanging basket of petunias. They looked amazing after a few weeks because that type likes to grow in long strands and hang down. Wish I had a picture but WOW! This year I bought spreading petunias. We will see how they do in comparison but so far they look great. I enjoy petunias because they are bright in color and they continue to bloom for a long time as long as you cut back the dying flowers.

Another idea I have considered is planting herbs in there. It would be so fragrant and it’s not too far from my kitchen. What ideas do you have to plant in there? Would you try this project?

Have a great weekend! Hoppy Easter!


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