In a mood to gripe


I’m back! You thought I already bailed didn’t you? Miss one day and people give up the faith! Actually, yesterday was really rough and with 3 very sleep deprived days I just couldn’t pull it together. It happens.

Having just taken a quick trip to NYC, that I’ll blog about later, I wanted to complain about airports. Yes complain. Everyone has terrible airport experiences right? I don’t travel a lot and for the most part I haven’t had many issues until now.

On our honeymoon, our flight from Nashville to Dallas was delayed and we ran across DFW to barely make the next flight. The flight to Honolulu was long and it turns out our bags didn’t make it. While trying to locate our bags we missed our fight to Kauai. We switch airlines and get on standby for a following flight. Our luggage showed up the next day at the hotel. Not terrible but sucked for our honeymoon to start off that way.

So Thursday we headed out to Nashville to get on our flight to Newark. We left really earlier so that we could make a stop at a few of our favorite stores, Frugal MacDoogal and World Market. Along the way my younger brother called to tell us that our flight has been delayed 2 hours. Great. Mom’s flight the week before had been delayed and my older brother’s flight that day was also delayed. ‘Bad’ weather was apparently causing delays.

We meet up with Dad and head over to the airport in case maybe the plane comes earlier, right, that can happen. We find out the plane is delayed more. Let’s find a bar and drink! Fortunately/unfortunately the restaurant where we were drinking closed at 730. We still have 3 more hours until our flight.

We finally boarded our flight at 11:15pm central and landed in Newark at 2:30am eastern. Luggage came off pretty fast and the nice thing about the terminal we were at is everything was very close. Got in the car and we were at my bothers place by 3:30am. Only we had to be up about 6am.


Our flight back to Nashville wasn’t quite as eventful in the beginning. K and I were originally scheduled for a much later flight but we paid to change to an earlier flight. There were no delays getting on the plane and we had decent seats. When we pulled off there was a slight delay due to too many planes doing the same directions. Still we landed 13 minutes early. Awesome! Until we went to baggage claim. We landed at 5:45 and did not see our luggage until about 7:15. How does it take so long to get bags. It was crazy!

Not the worst travel story ever but tell me about yours. Thanks for listening to my complaints!


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