Netflix and Lose the Whole Weekend

What are you obsessed with on Netflix?

I can’t get enough of Netflix. There is always something to watch. K really likes watching the music documentaries. I watch everything and anything. There is so much out there!

Here’s a rundown of the latest that we have been watching, just the latest. No one wants to read about all 3493945094 shows we have binged on Netflix. I don’t want to think of all the volunteering and lifesaving I could have down with all those weekends lost to Netflix. Do you get Netflix guilt for spending a whole weekend lost in a show? I do but then again the satisfaction of finishing a show and the joy it brought to my life, divine.


The Ranch – this came highly recommended from my dad and my brother. Don’t know which brother dad just said brother with no reference but I will assume my younger brother. K finds it pretty funny. Me I laugh occasionally but even halfway through the second season I could take it or leave it. Laughs are great but it didn’t draw me in; just not my type of show. The main characters are Ashton Kutcher, Sam Elliot, Danny Masterson, and Debra Winger. The cast spans generations of fans. The show is a comedy about a failed football player who goes back home to the family ranch. The plot shares all the drama that ensures with going back home, his brother, and his parents very rocky relationship. It is pretty predictable but that makes for good mindless TV.


Love season 2 – I don’t recall watching season one but Netflix told me I did so it must be true. A few episodes in I remembered a few moments from season one, I think, but nah. I finished it for the principle but I wasn’t into it. There’s a nerd that works in the movie biz, there’s a girl he likes that is a shit show, and he has friends, I’m not sure what else. I’ll probably watch the next season since I feel like I’m already committed after watching 2 seasons.

gracie and frankie

Gracie and Frankie season 3 – I have really enjoyed watching this show. And I love that Netflix drops you a whole season for a weekend free of people and nothing but takeout food. No reason to shower! Gracie and Frankie is a comedy about two women trying to get their lives together after their husbands come out as gay and are in love with each other. Gracie, Jane Fonda, is really uptight while Frankie, Lily Tomlin, is a free spirit. They are forced to live with each other and neither is very happy about it. The hilarity that ensues is great. The old lady inside of me really enjoys it!


Dexter – I am hooked from episode one. His fucked up shit show of a life makes me feel so much better about my life. This show just might help me get my life together. No matter what I mess up, I am not a serial killer pretending to be a decent person. I’m not quite a season in so I will fill you in more whenever we finish all 8 seasons!

Y’all have a good weekend! Monday I am going to attempt to do the whole blog post from my phone! We will see what happens.


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