Glitter Everywhere

Do you know the song ‘I love the Flower Girl’? If not you can check it out here. Now replace flower with glitter and sing along. “There’s glitter in her hair. Glitter everywhere…” Now keep that in mind.

My favorite store is Dollar Tree. I mean everything is a dollar! A dollar! I have probably never just spent a dollar there. I know once I spent over $200. Now don’t judge, I worked for a nonprofit and we had a major event. That’s 200 items! #winning

I try to make weekly appearances at Dollar Tree. They go through so much inventory and it is so seasonal you never know what they will have. Tip: visit multiple Dollar Trees. They can all have different inventory and when a travel a few counties over I always stop and see what they have. I follow a few DT Instagram accounts of people who live in bigger metro areas to get some ideas of what might come to my stores. There were some plastic containers that I REALLY wanted. I visited every store in my county weekly and they never came. Working in sales I traveled the area a lot so I stopped every time I saw a DT. One day, I found one single container and that gave me hope! I started telling everyone about these containers I was after. The next day, in another area, I found another container. Victory will be mine!!! Then the trail ran cold. Nothing for weeks, until, a friend a few counties over snapchatted that she had found them. I planned my week to head over to her area and scope it out. When I walked into the DT in Muscle Shoals, there was the mecca. All shapes and sizes and countless quantities. I was more excited than I get over popcorn! $30 later and way more containers than I needed I was headed home. Oh, the things I can do with these containers. So much excitement, can’t wait, and oh yeah, those containers 2 months later still sit on my kitchen table waiting to be used. Guess it was more about the conquest in the end. But I will use them eventually. I swear.



Over the last few weeks I have been gathering Easter décor from DT. They had these glorious glitter eggs. They are jewel tones and soo glittery. I love them. The pictures can’t even do them justice. I bought like 100 bags of them because they are so beautiful. Not sure what to do with them, it has to marinate in my brain.

Went back again and they had these glorious eggs on a stick. Look at this one bag; there are 10 of them in there! What a deal! I bought one bag of every kind, can’t go crazy right?

Ok I know what I’m going to do with them all. I am going to make a garland from the glitter eggs, and put the eggs on a stick in my house plants. GO!

The great thing about these eggs is that there is already a hole in the top and the bottom. It made me wonder why. Humidity? Does the future candy inside need air? Do people put little pets in there and they need to breathe? Why?


The bad thing about the holes is there were too small for the twine I bought from DT. I just used a knife and made the holes I little bit bigger. Advanced move: put a piece of tap around the end of the twine to prevent it from fraying at you put it in the holes.


I used two and a half packages for this garland. I think I am going to go back and use the other half to make it a bit longer. Ignore the TV antenna box; we don’t have cable or anything.


All the extra eggs I have just put in a bowl on the counter and they look great. Again the pictures just can’t do these eggs justice.

“There’s glitter in her hair. Glitter everywhere. I love the glitter girl.”

The eggs on a stick where so easy to add flair to the plants. You just cut them to different heights and add them into the flowers. I tried to mix up the sizes in the all the plants. Yes i know my plants are in bad shape, I am working on it. Apparently, I have been over watering.


How are you decorating for Easter? Using anything from Dollar Tree?? Tell me about it.


4 thoughts on “Glitter Everywhere

  1. Now I have that song in my head!!! I haven’t been to a DT in years…mainly because I would come home with too much stuff and have big plans to make something cool…never happened. Maybe I can head over there with IS and check it out for some glitter eggs…so we can sing I love the Glitter over and over and over

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