Straight to Drool

Have you been to Ale’s Kitchen??? What did you have there??? Tell me every amazingly delicious detail!!

K and I went to Straights to Ale a few weeks ago for lunch. I know they have had food for a while but we just hadn’t made it over there. I mean on the way you pass Earth and Stone pizza, that we always call Earth, Wind, and Fire pizza; and Rock N Roll Sushi. There’s some major competition going on in that area. Plus the Mexican gut truck isn’t too far down the road and Dolce Pan is so close by. Dolce Pan will be for another day, I need to acquire some pictures and gain some control before I profess my undying love for that place!

Ale’s Kitchen is located inside Straight to Ale Brewery, part of the Campus 805 development. I’ve only been for lunch so I cannot yet speak on the difference of the dinner experience. When I began reading the menu, I had a feeling I may never leave. Words like poutine, house-made, schnitzel, and naughty caught my eye on the menu. How could I ever eat at another restaurant again?

I ordered the Southern BBQ Poutine and K ordered the meatloaf sandwich and a side of house-made BBQ chips.

The Southern BBQ Poutine: double order of fresh-cut fries topped with slow smoked hickory pulled pork, melty Wisconsin cheddar cheese curds, Bro-Jo BBQ Sauce, creamy slaw and house Ranch (not in the description: banana peppers!)

Meatloaf Sandwich: 2 generous slices of griddled meatloaf with melted cheddar cheese, topped with house made tomato chutney and crispy buttermilk onion straws on toasted FredBread bun



The food came out, and it was just beautiful. But first, let’s take a picture. For a second I questioned if I could even eat; but of course I could!

I sent a snapchat to some of my coworkers and within 10 minutes 2 of them were joining us for lunch. No regrets!

I stole some house-made chips from K’s plate. They melted in my mouth; so delicious, crispy, full of flavor. I thought for a minute nothing could be better. And then…

Let me take a breath and relive the moment. Ahhhh! Drool. Crap, maybe I need to go there for lunch today! Ok, sorry! I don’t even know how to describe the amazingness that mounted over that bowl. The creamy slaw, with tangy but not too sweet BBQ sauce, mixed with cheese curds, and tender BBQ, another tang from the banana peppers, and throw in some salty sensation from the fries. My seat was wet. Mouth explosion. I have no clue to the noises or faces I made but imagine it was pornographic. If my mother had been near I would have slapped her, and I love my mother. Just thinking about it, I am at a loss, and my seat is wet again. Damn it!

I don’t think I can go on.20170404_153407.jpg

I went again for lunch and had the poutine again. I mean, I just couldn’t, not, it’s just so, DAMN! I think about it often. I did make one change; instead of the fries I had them put it on top of the house-made BBQ chips. No regrets but I think it is better on the fries. The BBQ sauce can make the chips a little soggy but, still to die for.


My former work wife was with me and she ordered the Schnitzel Sandwich: crispy panko breaded pork loin, Monkeynaut mustard aioli, kosher pickle slices, tomato, onion, romaine lettuce on Toasted Fredbread bun. Seriously! I nearly took it from her hands, it was delicious. It was so tender, crispy, and flavorful. Have they perfected food?

This is not your typical bar food. Not even! It is a haven for foodies and the drunks alike. Please do yourself, your stomach, and your friends and loved ones a favor and go eat there.

Tell me what dinner is like. What do you like at Straight to Ale? Do you feel the way I do? Excuse me, I need to shower and go have some lunch there.


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