Art of Smoothies

Sorry to post two ‘health’ posts back to back. I didn’t mean to, well, I planned this, just didn’t click in my brain!

Continuing on the quest for better health, I decided to take a baby step into adding more green leafy vegetables and fruits into our diet. Can you take a guess what I did? Smoothies! When else do you combine green leafy vegetables and fruits? Sure, there are a ton of places you can go and buy smoothies and the grocery stories have a wide variety too. But nothing beats making a smoothie still half asleep first thing in the morning! Hearing that blender will wake you right up!

I have read a million didn’t recipes on what to put in your smoothies and nothing made me salivate. So I decided to take a stroll through my favorite grocery store, Aldi, and see what inspired me. I gathered up ingredients and have been using them the last few weeks.

Here is my recipe:

1 Banana

Scoop of milled flax seed

Spoonful of Cashew Butter

A few chunks of Frozen fruit

Almond milk – vanilla I count to 4 while pouring

Handful of greens mix (Spinach, Chards, and Kale)

Now these measurements are exact. Don’t deviate.


Put them all in the blender, nothing fancy about my blender, and hit the smoothie button. I tend to over blend because weird textures make me gag. It needs to be nice and smooth.


Here are some more tips and tricks I use:

Organic bananas have been .59/lb at Aldi the last few weeks. So, I have been over buying and putting them in the freezer. Tips for freezing bananas: Peel the bananas, cut into chunks, lay them out on a cookie sheet, and freeze for a couple hours. Then put them in a freezer safe bag and put in the freezer. Easy! No, the bananas won’t turn black, that’s why you peel them. Laying them on a cookie sheet to freeze first prevents them from sticking to each other with you bag them. When you use frozen bananas instead of fresh it does make the smoothies much thicker. I don’t mind but for my husband’s smoothies I add water to thin it out.


I have used whole milk and almond milk. I imagine you can use just about anything. I did learn real fast not to use unsweetened vanilla almond milk. One day I used unsweetened and it was a major failure. Even putting coconut sugar in it didn’t really help.

Use whatever frozen fruit you want. If you use a lighter color fruit, be prepared for what color the final product will be. We tend to use blueberries and strawberries. It gives a better color after it is all blended together.

You will want to drink this mixture pretty quick. It gets rank if you let it get warm. Be sure to rinse out your glass when you are done, especially if the glass is going to be sitting at your desk or in your car all day. It gets a strong odor to it and it is hard to clean off once dry.

Really, the art of a smoothie is up to you. You need some liquid and the rest is about taste and what you want to include in there.


Do you make smoothies? What do you put in them? I need to branch out more and try some new things! Also, do you drink them in the morning? or later as a snack? Tell me more.



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