IPhone vs android may be a debate that goes on for a very long time. I don’t remember when the iPhone came out exactly. I was working at T-Mobile and we weren’t going to have the iPhone. But a few months later we got the first android phone, the G1. People were crazy for it. Like there had never been a smart phone before. There were blackberries and what about the sidekick (maybe).

Android after android came out and soon every major cell phone manufacturer had their version of a smartphone. Some sucked, some were great, and some should have just never come out on the market. I tried many of them over the years I prefer Samsung smartphones. More specifically I like the Note series because they are bigger. (That’s what she said).

Well my phone randomly died, of course being a month out of warranty. K recently got an iPhone for his work phone so I decided I would try it out. I have had an iPhone for a week now and I miss my android. I think I even long for it a little bit. The iPhone is nice and simple (ish) but there is so much I miss that my Android could provide in my life.

I lost everything that was on my phone. A ton of pictures and all my contacts. It has been a little refreshing to lose 10+ years of contacts, forcing me to purge, but i didn’t realize how few people’s numbers i knew by heart. Slowly, I am getting them back. The other thing I lost were audio that I had saved. I save voicemails and various things that people leave in case someone were to die, I would still have that. I really need to back up my stuff.

The nice thing about the iPhone is I feel less dependent on my phone. It doesn’t have to entertain me as much as it used to. I don’t know if it’s because I like it less but I seem to not use it nearly as much. It is probably more functional in ways. There are some better apps that are helpful to me. That may not be the case for everyone. I see it more for function than I did my android for passing time and staying connected.

I miss the ability to customize the look of all my screens; the ease of the widgets and the convenience of having them on the screens. The way you arrange icons, widgets and everything on androids is much more appealing to me. It looked more like my and not like everyone else’s.

FullSizeRender (2)

The phone chargers are different so that is fun trying to get a charger in every place I need it. The battery life is a bit better. I can usually make it the whole day without charging, I use my phone a whole lot. I just realized I can’t use my selfie stick, failure, because of the headphone jack change. I either need to get an adaptor or a new selfie stick. So complicated.

I have already broken the screen protector. It is tempered glass and I think I broke it the second day. I have never broken a phone screen before and I am not sure how I broke this one. Failure.

One difficult thing with the iPhone is changing settings. If you are in an app you can’t change the settings there you have to go to the settings app and then look for the settings. With android the settings are in the app that you are using and you can change things there. Easy!

The other problem I have it going back to previous screens. With the phone only having one button sometimes that can be hard to navigate. Usually there is something in the upper left that sends you back to the previous screen but it isn’t always there with videos. On Facebook, if you watch a live video I have no idea how you get out of it. I just tap the screen and swipe like a crazy person until it goes away. What is the right way?

The camera in the iPhone 7 is amazing! I am truly impressed with it. There is also a great range of phone editing apps that you can download for free. Haven’t done too much with them yet but if they work like they say they do my Instagram might just become really epic.

Am I getting old? Is this what the elderly feel like? Or have I become resistant to change in my old age?


Ginger Skin

This last Saturday some friends and I had a yard sale. It rained and rained most of the morning yet we were so busy. The more it rained the more people stopped and looked under tarps for potential treasures. As it turned to afternoon, the sun came out and the crowds slowed. It was the weirdest thing. It was mostly overcast after the rain but the sun did come out for a little bit. A few hours after the yard sale I noticed I got some sun and then I realized I was a lobster! Holy crap I was red. There is no way there was that much sun to get that burnt. I brought sunscreen with me but I never put it on. I just didn’t think it got that sunny.

image1 (2)

I usually burn pretty easily. My mother has wonderful skin. Olive skinned, she is over 60 and has almost no wrinkles, tans so well and almost never burns. My dad on the other hand, comes from a family of gingers. While he doesn’t have much red hair he still has the skin of a ginger and I inherited it. I think of looking at the sun and I burn. I hold a tan for about a week and then I am pale like a vampire. Ok that might a bit of an exaggeration but I don’t hold color well. Two weeks ago I was so careful, put on sunscreen 70 SPF and still got burnt a little.

So how do you treat sunburn? Over the years I have tried nearly everything. This go around I am using coconut oil. There’s nothing like feeling super greasy for a few hours to make the sunburn feel better. I do think it has helped with the pain and the heat. It does make it look worse. The oil makes it look a bit darker.

Several people swear but using vinegar or specifically apple cider vinegar. They say to use a wet wash cloth, put some vinegar on it and let it sit on the skin for a few minutes. I tried it once last summer and I don’t think it helped. The pain was still there, the heat was there, and I didn’t notice that it healed any faster.


There is always the green or crazy colored aloe gels out there. Some keep them in the fridge and tend to feel cooling when you put them on the skin. Years ago I heard that those types of gels create a barrier over the skin that traps in the heat in. This can cause more damage in the end. Who knows? But I try to avoid using these gels. They are so full of chemicals; there is no telling what you are putting on your skin. Ok yes I know it tells you on the container but WTF are in those things?


Many times I just use lotion to help heal sunburn. It is soothing and helps replenish the skin. Find a lotion with vitamin E and C in it. You should always be moisturizing your skin anyway. I’ve thought of just breaking off some of my aloe plant and using that. Does it work? How do you treat sunburn?

Aldi is for you!

The price of groceries is ridiculous. Feeding your family a semi healthy meal can really cost you. Now junk food comes cheap so fill yourself up and add to the obesity crisis like I do! I used to be the crazy coupon lady, ok not as crazy as the extreme coupon show, but I was hardcore enough. It takes a lot of work to coupon to make a real impact on your grocery spending. I had more luck with saving on hygiene and cleaning products. So how do you save some cash, feed your family, and not spend all your time working on it?


Aldi really helps. I hear so many excuses from people about Aldi, ‘you have to pay a quarter to get a cart’, ‘you have to pay for bags’, ‘there’s nothing name brand’, or ‘they don’t have everything I will have to go to another store’. What are your excuses? Let me help.

You don’t pay a quarter for your cart. The carts a linked together and to get them apart you insert a quarter. When you return your cart you get your quarter back. If you leave your cart in the parking lot or forget your quarter, then yes you paid a quarter for it. The purpose of linking the carts together this way is an effort to cut overhead costs. If everyone returns their carts then they don’t have to pay someone to wrangle them in the parking lot. Saving overhead saves you money on food costs.

You don’t HAVE to pay for bags at Aldi.  Bring your own bags. I have a million reusable bags in my house. I try to keep some in the car in case I take an unplanned trip to Aldi. If you don’t bring your own bags then yes you will have to pay for bags or if you only buy a few things they usually have some boxes around. Again, the purpose of this is to keep their overhead down. Someone has to pay for the bags. By selling bags and encouraging customers to bring their own bags it saves money on food costs.

Sound like a repetitive pattern yet?

There are always many name brand products in Aldi.  Take a look at these pics. Name brands! Take a look at many of their products and you will see they are distributed by many of the same companies that brand names are. Go to Kroger or Publix and compare the store brand to the name brand. Many times it is the same distributor. This isn’t always the case but there have been very few things at Aldi that I thought were kind of bad or terrible.

image1 (1)

No, Aldi may not have everything you need. But neither does other groceries stores. I usually end up going to two places. Maybe take a look at what Aldi has and plan your weekly groceries around that. Aldi always has the staples eggs, milk, bread, beef, chicken, cheese, lettuce, lunch meat, chips, but there is so much more. Now if you find something you really like, it is probably a good idea to stock up on it. Things tend to be seasonal and disappear. They used to have this breakfast scramble mix, bought it for years, and now I haven’t seen in about a year. It was wonderful. They have veal schnitzel sometimes, but right now they have pork, next week they may not have it and in 3 months it might be the veal again. Things just rotate out and change. Head over to Pinterest and you can find all kinds of meal plans even specific to your dietary needs.

Things I always look for in Aldi:

Eggs – Last week they were .28 a dozen

Milk – a gallon is often .99. Stock up and put some in the freezer

Organic produce – bananas have been .29 a lb. but all their produce is much cheaper

Cheese and cured meats – they are just so much cheaper! I always keep them on hand for an easy appetizer

Specialty items on the ends caps – you can find higher end items and great seasonal products here

Aldi sells a lot of gluten free and organic products as well. So don’t use that as an excuse not to shop there. They are lacking a bit on the sugar free options. That is something I would like to see more of. They have a brand called Fit and Active that is lower calorie and lower fat so look for that as well.

There’s usually half an aisle of non-food items. I have gotten pillows, garden shears, bathroom organizers, clothes, plants stands, bird food, and more from that section. Last week there were organic cotton hypoallergenic pillows for $6.99.

Aldi is a great place to shop and save some money. Like all change it take a little getting used to and you can do it! Tell me about your Aldi experiences!

Purple HaHa

Retelling a story, especially a funny one, is an art. Telling it in written word and getting it across the right way is to excel at the art and I am sure that I do not. Every time I think of a funny story I can share it suddenly becomes unfunny in my head. It’s like the only way I can tell a funny story is if you can hear my inflection (is that the right word?), tone, see my facial expressions, and hand gestures. Those who know me can guess a little bit. It really is quite the production. Maybe, my stories are more about the production than the actual story. Damn. Was that an epiphany? Let me tell you a semi funny story then.

I used to work for nonprofit managing fundraising efforts in 4 communities. Two of my communities overlapped with another so the manager for the other area and I decided to do some joint efforts in fundraising. We decided on the purple potty. How it works if someone can pay $10 to put the purple potty in someone else’s yard. To remove the toilet it costs $10, to remove the toilet and move it to another yard is $20, and to remove it, move it to another yard, and get ‘insurance’ that it won’t come back to your yard is $30. We had signage that went with it to explain what we were doing and the fundraiser.

First step is to acquire a purple toilet. No luck in finding a purple one, but a good friend remodels houses so I ask if they have one around. He does, gave me the address and I came to pick it up. He has some guys there who help load it into the car; all the while I can see the crazy expressions on their face wondering why in the hell I want a used toilet. I take it home clean it and start to town with the purple spray paint. Spray paint doesn’t work great on a toilet but it got the job done enough. The lid for the toilet was missing so I went to DT and get some purple flowers to fill the back. Doesn’t that look nice?


We kicked off the fundraiser with putting it in the Mayor’s yard (prearranged) and let him to decide where to send it next. All the volunteers for the event know about it and there was a small article in the paper if anyone wanted to participate. We had a lot of calls about, ‘That better not show up in my yard.’ ‘I’ll break it if you put it in my yard.’ ‘Don’t come out here, I’ll shoot ya.’ Yeah people are real offended by a purple toilet.


We took the potty several places, including a parking spot. Most of the people were good sports about it and if we didn’t hear from someone we removed it after 24 hours. We did have a few that just wanted it gone so we removed it not big deal, until…. Someone paid to have it taken to a house out in McMullen Cove. For those who aren’t familiar McMullen Cove is a real damn fancy neighborhood. The homes are in the upper 6 figures to over a million dollars. This house was huge, beautiful and no one was around during the day when we dropped it off, except the construction workers across the street building the next million-dollar home. I am not including a picture of this particular house in case anyone knows who lived there. I believe I heard they have since moved.


We dropped it off on a Friday and the following Monday afternoon, we hadn’t gone to pick up the toilet, the neighborhood is kind of far out of the way. Then my co-worker’s phone rings. She puts in on speaker as the woman kindly asks if we can go get the toilet and remove it from the yard. In the background you can hear the homeowner swearing. Something like, ‘they better get that mother fucking toilet out of my yard right now. Do they know where I live? Get that fucking thing gone. That fucking toilet has been there all weekend. We were fucking out of town. Are you talking to them? Are they headed to get the fucking toilet?’ We might have gotten a little scared and hopped in the car.

We flew over the mountain and headed into their neighborhood. It didn’t look like anyone was home so I opened my trunk, gabbed the toilet, and liquid ran down my leg. OMG! My first thoughts were he peed in the toilet. He is such a jerk that he peed in the toilet. ‘Smell it!’ I demanded to my co-worker. ‘Smell it and tell me if it is pee!’ All the while the construction workers are staring at us across the street. Very reluctantly she smelled my pants. ‘There’s no smell. I don’t smell anything.’ We opened the toilet, dumped out the rest of the water and noticed the water spots on the toilet. They have a sprinkler system. It must have just been water from that. Part of me still thinks it was pee. *Shutters* Pretty sure we heard the word ‘loco’ used by the construction workers across the street.

A few weeks later we received an apology letter and a donation of $100. Guess he realized he over reacted. I mean it was for a good cause and all in good fun. Some people need to figure out how to relax.


Don’t worry I have more crazy stories from this job to share later!

Powered by Books

Happy Monday!

What are you guys reading? I love to read, until I don’t. Does that make sense? Sometimes a book takes too much out of me or I throw myself too much into the book and I need a rest afterwards. Then I get in a bit of a funk. It doesn’t happen all the time and it’s usually related to a specific book and not the amount of books I have read.


Personally, I love nonfiction books and sci-fi. But I am up for anything. Send me suggestions! My To-Read list is crazy long but I love adding to it. If I find a book to be good, I can’t put it down. I will stay up all night reading, read instead of doing any productive, and take the book with me everywhere.  Good books play like a movie in my head. Is it like that for you? They consume everything around me and I get lost in their world. This is usually why I can’t watch the movie of a book I have read. I don’t want it to change my mental view or ruin anything from my mind.

Currently, I am reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Poppet (which I have been reading for months. The first couple chapters scared me so bad I had to put it down for a while. It still creeps me out some so I have to keep stepping away from it but I want to finish it!), and the Martian. Do you read multiple books at the same time? I don’t always but usually. It helps me if I am reading a book I want to finish but I am not totally into it. It gives me a break.

Recently, I have read When Breath Becomes Air, Hillbilly Elegy, and Slow Dancing with a Stranger and I recommend them all!


When Breath Becomes Air is written by Paul Kalanithi. This is the story about his journey to live through a cancer diagnosis. He is so open and honest about his feeling during this journey. The choices him and his wife makes and the struggles to make those decisions, he shares all of that with the reader. He was an aspiring surgeon, top of his field; his future was big and bright until it wasn’t. His journey to keep on living is inspiring. This is a must read!


Hillbilly Elegy is a book we read in my book club. It is by JD Vance. It looks at the ‘culture crisis’ in the area where he grew up/ where is family is from. I took a bigger interest to this book because a good deal of it takes place in Kentucky. Not the part of Kentucky where I grew up but the circumstances aren’t that much different. Vance grew up in Ohio because his family was escaping the crisis of their home place in KY. They were in search of ‘better’ options. It is his look at the dysfunction of working-class America. I wish I could remember exactly the words that were used but someone in my book club said this is why people voted for Trump. When you read most reviews they discuss a similar political view on that. Read it yourself and let me know what you think. (None of those comments on my part were meant to be political. That’s probably the one thing we will not talk about in my blog, politics)


Another great book I have read lately is Slow Dancing with a Stranger by Meryl Comer. She writes about the struggles of seeing and taking care of her husband with dementia. From getting a diagnosis, treatment options, his care, to her sacrifices she is open and honest with the struggle. Then her mother starts down the same path. There are so many people who are faced with these same choices. She doesn’t shame anyone that chooses different than her; this is just how she best thought their lives should be lived. Knowing the options when someone you love has dementia and knowing why she chose the options she did for them can really help someone going through something similar. IT is something my family will have to face sooner rather than later. It connected with me on a deeper level but I do think it is something we all have to think about with family or friends.

Our local library has all of these books. There was a small waiting list except for Hillbilly Elegy the wait was very long but worth it. More people need to take advantage of their local libraries. They have great things to offer!

In typing this I realize that none of these are light-hearted or uplifting, but they are real-life. Sometimes we just need doses of real-life. To read where someone else gets it, they have been there and this is where they came out on the other end. There are some hard reads as far as content. Each one left a little part of itself behind in me and I am grateful!

Spring Done Sprung

The sights and sounds of spring are everywhere. It brings something alive in me or maybe it ends something in me that affects many of us, Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD. Some call it seasonal depression. Want to know more about SAD, click here. I have several friends it affects and you can really tell in the winter months if someone is affected. SAD can happen with any change of season but most see it in the fall to winter months. We don’t have much of a fall here so I tend to feel it when things aren’t green anymore and the sun isn’t shinning with warmth.

Yesterday I was out with a friend looking at flowers and plants and it was HOT. Not hot like it is going to be in a month or so but considering I just spent a few days in NY, I was hot and ended up with a little sunburn. For a minute I felt SAD affecting me about the warm weather. My brain was confused. What happened to spring? Did we have spring the few days I was gone? Or is this spring? Have I forgotten the difference in spring and summer?

When I got home with my new plants, I didn’t really want to plant them. I missed spring, why did I event buy plants? Because in my mind you can’t plant things in the summer apparently. Well, I planted them anyway and it brightened my mood back up. I mean look at these. How can this not get you in the spirit of spring!


Let’s talk about this great little project I did last summer. Luckily, my parents had this pallet at their house already cut like this. So, where can you get a pallet? You cannot go behind Target or Lowes and steal all their pallets. Don’t do it. Those are not free game. If you see some behind a store go inside and ask if you can have them. The worst they are going to say is ‘No’. Drive through a neighborhood and see if there are any on the side of the road. Look for a house that may be doing some remodeling or getting new sod. They will likely have pallets out on the curb. Put an ISO (In Search Of) on Craigslist or FB. I put one on craigslist once and a business contacted me that had 50 they needed to get rid of. I wish I would have had the storage to take them all!

Sorry I don’t have pictures of the process but it was really easy. I took some landscaping fabric, the black thin stuff you put in your flower beds to ‘keep the weeds out’. Cut narrow strips and used a handheld staple gun to attach them to the underside of the pallet. Leave them slightly loose but not too much give you don’t have to see it once it is weighed down with dirt. And that is it! Now it will hold dirt and you can plant in there.


The picture above is this year. My house is not blue not that terrible frog shit green color! Just felt the need to clarify.

Last year I bought a hanging basket of petunias. They looked amazing after a few weeks because that type likes to grow in long strands and hang down. Wish I had a picture but WOW! This year I bought spreading petunias. We will see how they do in comparison but so far they look great. I enjoy petunias because they are bright in color and they continue to bloom for a long time as long as you cut back the dying flowers.

Another idea I have considered is planting herbs in there. It would be so fragrant and it’s not too far from my kitchen. What ideas do you have to plant in there? Would you try this project?

Have a great weekend! Hoppy Easter!

Bat those Lashes!


It has only been a week but I am ready to talk about my eyelashes. My lashes have always been a struggle for me. The right eye is especially bad, the lashes point down. They hit my glasses, they block my eye sight, and it looks very unattractive. One of my friends calls me Snufflelashagus. If only. Snuff has amazing eyelashes. I could only be so lucky to have luscious lashes like that. Jealous!


I can curl my lashes but they don’t stay. I use a blow dryer to heat up my eyelash curler to curl my eyelashes. I have burned myself more than I can count. There is nothing like scalding your eye lid. Or better yet, having the eye lash curler so hot you singe your eye lashes and then have to deal with super short lashes until they grown back in. The things we go through to feel beautiful.

Several years ago because K and I got married I got my eye lashes permed. Now that is an experience. There were a couple places in town that did it so I randomly chose one. I didn’t know anyone who had done it before so there was really no advice. The place I went was running really late that day and it took about twice as long as they told me it would. They literally have tiny little perm rods that they wrap your eye lashes around and apply perm solution. The smell was terrible. It burns the nose hairs. But my eyelashes looked amazing! They might have been too curly. Nah, there’s no such thing. They looked wonderful but it only lasted about 2 weeks. It really was not worth the time or cost to keep them up.

A year ago I made an appointment to get lash extensions. I’ve seen several people who had them and I wanted lashes like Snuffleupagus! The place was new and they had a special running. So I made an appointment, they said it would take 2 hours. I told them that I couldn’t stay past the 2 hour mark because i had a meeting I couldn’t miss. I arrived early, filled out my paperwork and back we went into the room. They had difficulty taping down my bottom lashes. Like I said everything about my lashes are difficult. Finally she starts applying the extensions, I think. I feel bushing on my lashes, the occasionally tweezer and then…zzzzz. I feel asleep. She woke me up at the two hour mark and said that I had so many lashes they weren’t all done. The manager offered me a free refill in two weeks because I couldn’t stay. We made the appointment and we went over care for the lashes. They looked beautiful. I loved them! I felt so fancy. I paid and left.

By that afternoon I had lost several lashes; lashes that weren’t attached to my lashes. By the end of the second day I had lost nearly 20 lashes. WTF. I had to go out of town for work but I called to talk to them. They asked me to come in and they would take a look at them and add more lashes. Unfortunately, I was out of town until Friday morning, and was then headed back out of town at noon, so there was a small window of time I could get in there. When I arrived they told me my first sets of lashes were put on wrong. That’s why they kept falling off. They added more lashes and off I went. Well, they continued to fall out. They didn’t replace the messed up ones, just added more. In two weeks there were completely gone and I wasn’t happy. Well I tried, won’t be doing that again.

A coworker gets extensions all the time from a different company and she loves them. They always look so great and she rants and raves about them. They opened a new location closer to where we live and work but I still couldn’t convince myself to go. It is expensive. For Christmas my MIL got me a gift certificate to get my lashes done at this new place. I waited and waited for no reason really than that I didn’t want to be disappointed. Last week I made the appointment.

It was a similar experience, filled out paperwork, laid down in a dark room, and she began taping down my bottom lashes. She had some difficulty but not like the first time. Again, I as told it would take 2 hours. I am sure I feel asleep and soon she woke me up and they were done. We discussed care and I looked at my phone it hadn’t even been an hour and a half. Is that good? Should I be concerned? I looked in the mirror and WOW!!! The lashes were amazing! Long! Beautiful! But wait I have felt this way before. I paid and left. That night a lost 5 lashes. Crap! It is happening again. But it wasn’t. These stayed on. Now I’ve lost a lash here and there but there wasn’t a mass exodus like the first time. These lashes might be too long, is that even such a thing? They get a little tangled but they are amazing. I really enjoyed my experience at Amazing Lash and would go back. Now, I’m not sure if I will keep the refills up but I would definitely do this for special occasions. Ignore my lazy eye!

If you are thinking about getting them go try it out! Want to get a special gift for someone? This is it!


Want to go to a movie?

When was the last time you went out on a date with your spouse or significant other? I mean it was like the other week, maybe, I’m not sure. K and I don’t have kids so every night is date night, right? Not really. We get in such a funk sometimes. Tired after work and let’s just order take out and watch Netflix. To some people that might be date night but for us it isn’t. We sit on opposite ends of the couch, play on our phones, and continue binge watching a show. Neither of us has put any effort into and it is easy.

Date night looks different for everyone. Take out and Netflix could be date nights for us, if we would sit next to each other, pick out a movie or documentary we both want to see, and put away the phone. We need to make more effort to do those types of things. You can lose the connection with your SO if you don’t make an effort to spend quality time with each other. Life gets in the way, I get it, but you have to make it a priority.

Where do people look for date night options? Why does it have to be date night? How about date day? Or Date morning? Am I making these things up?

It is Date Night!.png

In our area, we are lucky to have so many places to look up local events. Here are a few:

Our Valley Events – This is a great website because it is a blog with great information! One of my favorite things they post is ‘5 things To Do This Weekend’

Huntsville CVB – This is all things Huntsville! It is way more than just events, get to know Huntsville.

Eventful– There’s a lot on here and it is separated by categories for easy finding!

Downtown Hutnsville – They focus more on the events that are going on downtown. There’s a lot going on!

Rocket City Mom – Rocket City Mom posts family friendly events. They are awesome about posting things that are FREE! Date night doesn’t have to cost money!

I Heart HSV – this website I just found while writing this. It is organized very well and if you heart HSV, this is a place for you to check out.

Local TV and Radio stations also have events boards that are great to check out. Church websites, Facebook events, Craigslist, and local university calendars are another place to look.

Don’t see anything that you two would like to do together? How about a day trip? Easy close places to go are: Birmingham, Nashville, Florence/Muscle Shoals, Chattanooga, Guntersville, Cathedral Caverns in Grant, Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg, TN, or Desoto State Park Fort Payne. All of these places are within an hour and a half of Huntsville. There is so much to do around us.

Still nothing? Do you like the outdoors? I do if it means drinking on a patio somewhere. Monte Sano has great trails for hiking, there are some great places to rent boats or go kayaking near here. Now I don’t know where because that goes beyond my patio drinking but if you are interested I can look up more info. I have lots of friends who are ‘outdoorsy’; thankfully they don’t ask me to go often!

Need something really simple for date night? Here are a few more ideas that might be your speed:

Read a book together

Go roller-skating

Try geocaching

Go camping

Play a sport

Have game night

Play trivia at a restaurant

Go through photo albums


Test drive cars

Play truth or dare

Cook dinner together

People watch at Wal-Mart

What are your date night ideas? We always need more to get out of a funk. Make time to date your spouse/significant other. It is important for your relationship to stay connected. My goal is to have a real date night/day/morning at least once a week.

In a mood to gripe


I’m back! You thought I already bailed didn’t you? Miss one day and people give up the faith! Actually, yesterday was really rough and with 3 very sleep deprived days I just couldn’t pull it together. It happens.

Having just taken a quick trip to NYC, that I’ll blog about later, I wanted to complain about airports. Yes complain. Everyone has terrible airport experiences right? I don’t travel a lot and for the most part I haven’t had many issues until now.

On our honeymoon, our flight from Nashville to Dallas was delayed and we ran across DFW to barely make the next flight. The flight to Honolulu was long and it turns out our bags didn’t make it. While trying to locate our bags we missed our fight to Kauai. We switch airlines and get on standby for a following flight. Our luggage showed up the next day at the hotel. Not terrible but sucked for our honeymoon to start off that way.

So Thursday we headed out to Nashville to get on our flight to Newark. We left really earlier so that we could make a stop at a few of our favorite stores, Frugal MacDoogal and World Market. Along the way my younger brother called to tell us that our flight has been delayed 2 hours. Great. Mom’s flight the week before had been delayed and my older brother’s flight that day was also delayed. ‘Bad’ weather was apparently causing delays.

We meet up with Dad and head over to the airport in case maybe the plane comes earlier, right, that can happen. We find out the plane is delayed more. Let’s find a bar and drink! Fortunately/unfortunately the restaurant where we were drinking closed at 730. We still have 3 more hours until our flight.

We finally boarded our flight at 11:15pm central and landed in Newark at 2:30am eastern. Luggage came off pretty fast and the nice thing about the terminal we were at is everything was very close. Got in the car and we were at my bothers place by 3:30am. Only we had to be up about 6am.


Our flight back to Nashville wasn’t quite as eventful in the beginning. K and I were originally scheduled for a much later flight but we paid to change to an earlier flight. There were no delays getting on the plane and we had decent seats. When we pulled off there was a slight delay due to too many planes doing the same directions. Still we landed 13 minutes early. Awesome! Until we went to baggage claim. We landed at 5:45 and did not see our luggage until about 7:15. How does it take so long to get bags. It was crazy!

Not the worst travel story ever but tell me about yours. Thanks for listening to my complaints!

Netflix and Lose the Whole Weekend

What are you obsessed with on Netflix?

I can’t get enough of Netflix. There is always something to watch. K really likes watching the music documentaries. I watch everything and anything. There is so much out there!

Here’s a rundown of the latest that we have been watching, just the latest. No one wants to read about all 3493945094 shows we have binged on Netflix. I don’t want to think of all the volunteering and lifesaving I could have down with all those weekends lost to Netflix. Do you get Netflix guilt for spending a whole weekend lost in a show? I do but then again the satisfaction of finishing a show and the joy it brought to my life, divine.


The Ranch – this came highly recommended from my dad and my brother. Don’t know which brother dad just said brother with no reference but I will assume my younger brother. K finds it pretty funny. Me I laugh occasionally but even halfway through the second season I could take it or leave it. Laughs are great but it didn’t draw me in; just not my type of show. The main characters are Ashton Kutcher, Sam Elliot, Danny Masterson, and Debra Winger. The cast spans generations of fans. The show is a comedy about a failed football player who goes back home to the family ranch. The plot shares all the drama that ensures with going back home, his brother, and his parents very rocky relationship. It is pretty predictable but that makes for good mindless TV.


Love season 2 – I don’t recall watching season one but Netflix told me I did so it must be true. A few episodes in I remembered a few moments from season one, I think, but nah. I finished it for the principle but I wasn’t into it. There’s a nerd that works in the movie biz, there’s a girl he likes that is a shit show, and he has friends, I’m not sure what else. I’ll probably watch the next season since I feel like I’m already committed after watching 2 seasons.

gracie and frankie

Gracie and Frankie season 3 – I have really enjoyed watching this show. And I love that Netflix drops you a whole season for a weekend free of people and nothing but takeout food. No reason to shower! Gracie and Frankie is a comedy about two women trying to get their lives together after their husbands come out as gay and are in love with each other. Gracie, Jane Fonda, is really uptight while Frankie, Lily Tomlin, is a free spirit. They are forced to live with each other and neither is very happy about it. The hilarity that ensues is great. The old lady inside of me really enjoys it!


Dexter – I am hooked from episode one. His fucked up shit show of a life makes me feel so much better about my life. This show just might help me get my life together. No matter what I mess up, I am not a serial killer pretending to be a decent person. I’m not quite a season in so I will fill you in more whenever we finish all 8 seasons!

Y’all have a good weekend! Monday I am going to attempt to do the whole blog post from my phone! We will see what happens.